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Araya-Letelier, G.; Parra, P.F.; Lopez-Garcia, D.; Garcia-Valdes, A.; Candia, G.; Lagos, R. Collapse risk assessment of a Chilean dual wall-frame reinforced concrete office building 2019 Engineering Structures 183 770-779
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Holguin-Garcia, S.A.; Guevara-Navarro, E.; Daza-Chica, A.E.; Patiño-Claro, M.A.; Arteaga-Arteaga, H.B.; Ruz, G.A.; Tabares-Soto, R.; Bravo-Ortiz, M.A. A comparative study of CNN-capsule-net, CNN-transformer encoder, and Traditional machine learning algorithms to classify epileptic seizure 2024 BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 24 60
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