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Bergmann, C.; Jones, MI.; Zhao, J.; Mustill, AJ.; Brahm, R.; Torres, P.; Wittenmyer, RA.; Gunn, F.; Pollard, KR.; Zapata, A.; Vanzi, L.; Wang, SH. HD 76920 b pinned down: A detailed analysis of the most eccentric planetary system around an evolved star 2021 Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia 38 e019
Carmichael, T.W.; Quinn, S.N.; Mustill, A.J.; Huang, C.; Zhou, G.; Persson, C.M.; Nielsen, L.D.; Collins, K.A.; Ziegler, C.; Collins, K.I.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Shporer, A.; Brahm, R.; Mann, A.W.; Bouchy, F.; Fridlund, M.; Stassun, K.G.; Hellier, C.; Seidel, J.V.; Stalport, M.; Udry, S.; Pepe, F.; Ireland, M.; Zerjal, M.; Briceno, C.; Law, N.; Jordan, A.; Espinoza, N.; Henning, T.; Sarkis, P.; Latham, D.W. Two Intermediate-mass Transiting Brown Dwarfs from the TESS Mission 2020 Astronomical Journal 160 15 pp
Eberhardt, J.; Trifonov, T.; Kurster, M.; Stock, S.; Henning, T.; Wollbold, A.; Reffert, S.; Lee, M.H.; Zechmeister, M.; Rodler, F.; Zakhozhay, O.; Heeren, P.; Gandolfi, D.; Barragan, O.; Pinto, M.T.; Wolthoff, V.; Sarkis, P.; Brems, S.S. Dynamical Architecture of the HD 107148 Planetary System 2022 Astronomical Journal 163 198
Espinoza-Retamal, J.I.; Brahm, R.; Petrovich, C.; Jordán, A.; Stefánsson, G.; Sedaghati, E.; Hobson, M.J.; Muñoz, D.J.; Boyle, G.; Leiva, R.; Suc, V. The Aligned Orbit of the Eccentric Proto Hot Jupiter TOI-3362b 2023 Astrophysical Journal Letters 958 L20