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Baez-Villanueva, O.M.; Zambrano-Bigiarini, M.; Miralles, D.G.; Beck, H.E.; Siegmund, J.F.; Alvarez-Garreton, C.; Verbist, K.; Garreaud, R.; Boisier, J.P.; Galleguillos, M. On the timescale of drought indices for monitoring streamflow drought considering catchment hydrological regimes 2024 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 28 1415-1439
Ramajo, L.; Prado, L.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A.B.; Lardies, M.A.; Duarte, C.M.; Lagos, N.A. Plasticity and trade-offs in physiological traits of intertidal mussels subjected to freshwater-induced environmental variation 2016 Marine Ecology Progress Series 553 93-109