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Besaury, L.; Ouddane, B.; Pavissich, J.P.; Dubrulle-Brunaud, C.; Gonzalez, B.; Quillet, L. Impact of copper on the abundance and diversity of sulfate-reducing prokaryotes in two chilean marine sediments 2012 Marine Pollution Bulletin 64 2135-2145
Garcia-Huidobro, M.R.; Poupin, M.J.; Urrutia, C.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A.B.; Grenier, C.; Vivanco, J.F.; Ramajo, L.; Benjumeda, I.; Lagos, N.A.; Lardies, M.A. An intrapopulational study of organic compounds and biomechanical properties of the shell of the Antarctic bivalve Laternula elliptica (P. P. King, 1832) at King George Island 2021 Polar Biology 44 13431352
Govindan, R.; Gnanasekaran, C.; Govindan, R.; Muthuchamy, M.; Quero, F.; Jothi, A.; Chelliah, C.K.; Arunachalam, A.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Natesan, M,; Kadaikunnan, S,; Li, W.J. Anti-quorum Sensing and Anti-biofilm Effect of Nocardiopsis synnemataformans RMN 4 (MN061002) Compound 2,6-Di-tert-butyl, 1,4-Benzoquinone Against Biofilm-Producing Bacteria 2023 Applied Biochemistry And Biotechnology Early Access
Lardies, MA.; Caballero, P.; Duarte, C.; Poupin, M.J. Geographical Variation in Phenotypic Plasticity of Intertidal Sister Limpet's Species Under Ocean Acidification Scenarios 2021 Frontiers in Marine Science 8 647087
Vera, R.; Valverde, B.; Olave, E.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Sanchez-Gonzalez, R.; Munoz, L.; Martinez, C.; Rojas, P. Corrosion Behavior of Copper Exposed in Marine Tropical Atmosphere in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Chile 20 Years after MICAT 2022 Metals 12 2082
Vera, R.; Valverde, B.; Olave, E.; Sanchez, R.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Munoz, L.; Rojas, P. Atmospheric corrosion and impact toughness of steels: Case study in steels with and without galvanizing, exposed for 3 years in Rapa Nui Island 2023 Heliyon 9 e17811