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Mosser, M., Pieressa, F., Reutter, JL., Soto, A., Vrgoc, D. Querying APIs with SPARQL 2022 Information Systems 105 101650
Vargas-Vera, M. A Framework for Extraction of Relations from Text using Relational Learning and Similarity Measures 2015 Journal Of Universal Computer Science 21 1482-1495
Vargas-Vera, M.; Nagy, M. Establishing agent trust for contradictory evidence by means of fuzzy voting model: An ontology mapping case study 2014 Computers In Human Behavior 30 745-752
Gutierrez, C.; Hurtado, C.A.; Mendelzon, A.O.; Perez, J. Foundations of Semantic Web databases 2011 Journal Of Computer And System Sciences 77 520-541