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Arango Hoyos, B.E.; Franco Osorio, H.; Valencia Gomez, E.K.; Guerrero Sanchez, J.; Del Canto Palominos, A.P.; Larrain, F.A.; Prias Barragan, J.J. Exploring the capture and desorption of CO2 on graphene oxide foams supported by computational calculations 2023 Scientific Reports 13 14476
del Rio, A.V.; Stachurski, A.; Mendez, R.; Campos, J.L.; Surmacz-Gorska, J.; Mosquera-Corral, A. Short- and long-term orange dye effects on ammonium oxidizing and anammox bacteria activities 2017 Water Science And Technology 76 79-86
Shanmugaraj, K.; Vinoth, V.; Pugazhenthiran, N.; Valdes, H.; Salvo, C.; Sepulveda, E.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Ferrihydrite- Graphene oxide foams as an efficient adsorbent for Arsenic (III) removal from an aqueous solution 2023 Inorganic Chemistry Communications 153 110892
Suresh, R.; Alvarez, A.; Sandoval, C.; Ramirez, E.; Santander, P.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Yanez, J. Fe2O3/NiO nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and roxarsone sensing by Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy 2023 New Journal Of Chemistry 47 12806-12815