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Concha-Vega, P.; Goles, E.; Montealegre, P.; Rios-Wilson, M On the Complexity of Stable and Biased Majority 2022 Mathematics 10 3408
Goles, E.; Montealegre, P. The complexity of the asynchronous prediction of the majority automata 2020 Information and Computation 274
Goles, E.; Montealegre, P.; Rios-Wilson, M. On The Effects Of Firing Memory In The Dynamics Of Conjunctive Networks 2020 Discrete And Continuous Dynamical Systems 40 5765-5793
Goles, E.; Montealegre, P.; Salo, V.; Torma, I. PSPACE-completeness of majority automata networks 2016 Theoretical Computer Science 609 118-128