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Sedaghati, E.; MacDonald, R.J.; Casasayas-Barris, N.; Hoeijmakers, H.J.; Boffin, H.M.J.; Rodler, F.; Brahm, R.; Jones, M.; Sanchez-Lopez, A.; Carleo, I.; Figueira, P.; Mehner, A.; Lopez-Puertas, M. A spectral survey of WASP-19b with ESPRESSO 2021 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 505 435-458
Zakhozhay, O.V.; Launhardt, R.; Trifonov, T.; Kunster, M.; Reffert, S.; Henning, T.; Brahm, R.; Vines, J.I.; Marleau, G.D.; Patel, J.A. Radial velocity survey for planets around young stars (RVSPY) A transiting warm super-Jovian planet around HD 114082, a young star with a debris disk 2022 Astronomy & Astrophysics 667 L14