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Carvallo, C.; Jalil-Vega, F.; Moreno, R. A multi-energy multi-microgrid system planning model for decarbonisation and decontamination of isolated systems 2023 Applied Energy 343 121143
Go, R.S.; Munoz, F.D.; Watson, J.P. Assessing the economic value of co-optimized grid-scale energy storage investments in supporting high renewable portfolio standards 2016 Applied Energy 183 902-913
Grigioni, I.; Polo, A.; Dozzi, M.V.; Stamplecoskie, K.G.; Jara, D.H.; Kamat, P.V.; Selli, E. Enhanced Charge Carrier Separation in WO3/BiVO4 Photoanodes Achieved via Light Absorption in the BiVO4 Layer 2022 ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 1314213148
Guevara, E.; Babonneau, F.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Moret, S. A machine learning and distributionally robust optimization framework for strategic energy planning under uncertainty 2020 Applied Energy 271 18 pp
Navarro, A.; Favereau, M.; Lorca, A.; Olivares, D.; Negrete-Pincetic, M. Medium-term stochastic hydrothermal scheduling with short-term operational effects for large-scale power and water networks 2024 Applied Energy 358 122554
Salgado, M.; Negrete-Pincetic, M.; Lorca, A.; Olivares, D. A Low-complexity Home Energy Management System for Electricity Demand Side Aggregators 2021 Applied Energy 2021 116985
Salgado, M.; Negrete-Pincetic, M.; Lorca, A.; Olivares, D. A low-complexity decision model for home energy management systems 2021 Applied Energy 294 116985
Wickham, D.; Hawkes, A.; Jalil-Vega, F. Hydrogen supply chain optimisation for the transport sector-Focus on hydrogen purity and purification requirements 2021 Applied Energy 305 117740