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Carrera, P.; Campo, R.; Mendez, R.; Di Bella, G.; Campos, J.L.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Val del Rio, A. Does the feeding strategy enhance the aerobic granular sludge stability treating saline effluents? 2019 Chemosphere 226 865-873
Da Silva, C.; Peces, M.; Faundez, M.; Hansen, H.; Campos, J.L.; Dosta, J.; Astals, S. Gamma distribution function to understand anaerobic digestion kinetics: Kinetic constants are not constant 2022 Chemosphere 306 135579
Giustinianovich, E.A.; Campos, J.L.; Roeckel, M.D.; Estrada, A.J.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; del Rio, A.V. Influence of biomass acclimation on the performance of a partial nitritation-anammox reactor treating industrial saline effluents 2018 Chemosphere 194 131-138
Morales, N.; del Rio, A.V.; Vazquez-Padin, J.R.; Mendez, R.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Campos, J.L. Integration of the Anammox process to the rejection water and main stream lines of WWTPs 2015 Chemosphere 140 99-105
Pina, S.; Sandoval, A.M.; Jara-Ulloa, P.; Contreras, D.; Hassan, N.; Coreno, O.; Salazar, R. Nanostructured electrochemical sensor applied to the electrocoagulation of arsenite in WWTP effluent 2022 Chemosphere 306 135530
Pugazhenthiran, N.; Sathishkumar, P.; Albormani, O.; Murugesan, S.; Kandasamy, M.; Selvaraj, M.; Suresh, S.; Kumar, S.K.; Contreras, D.; Valdes, H.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Silver nanoparticles modified ZnO nanocatalysts for effective degradation of ceftiofur sodium under UV-vis light illumination 2023 Chemosphere 313 137515
Rajamanikandan, R.; Shanmugaraj, K.; Ilanchelian, M.; Ju, H. Cysteamine-decorated gold nanoparticles for plasmon-based colorimetric on-site sensors for detecting cyanide ions using the smart-phone color ratio and for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol 2023 Chemosphere 316 137836