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Canals, C.; Goles, E.; Mascareno, A.; Rica, S.; Ruz, G.A. School Choice in a Market Environment: Individual versus Social Expectations 2018 Complexity 3793095 11 pp
Garcia, J.; Altimiras, F.; Pena, A.; Astorga, G.; Peredo, O. A Binary Cuckoo Search Big Data Algorithm Applied to Large-Scale Crew Scheduling Problems 2018 Complexity 15 pp
Garcia, J.; Pope, C.; Altimiras, F. A Distributed K-Means Segmentation Algorithm Applied to Lobesia botrana Recognition 2017 Complexity 14 pp
Goles, E.; Slapnicar, I.; Lardies, M.A. Universal Evolutionary Model for Periodical Species 2021 Complexity 2021 2976351
Gonzalez-Olivares, E.; Gonzalez-Yanez, B.; Becerra-Klix, R.; Ramos-Jiliberto, R. Multiple stable states in a model based on predator-induced defenses 2017 Ecological Complexity 32 111-120
Hilbert, M. Scale- Free Power- Laws as Interaction between Progress and Diffusion 2014 Complexity 19 56-65
Mascareno, A.; Goles, E.; Ruz, G.A. Crisis in complex social systems: A social theory view illustrated with the chilean case 2016 Complexity 21 13-23
Medina, P.; Goles, E.; Zarama, R.; Rica, S. Self-Organized Societies: On the Sakoda Model of Social Interactions 2017 Complexity 16 pp
Pinto-Rios, J.; Calderon, F.; Leiva, A.; Hermosilla, G.; Beghelli, A.; Borquez-Paredes, D.; Lozada, A.; Jara, N.; Olivares, R.; Saavedra, G. Resource Allocation in Multicore Elastic Optical Networks: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach 2023 Complexity 2023 4140594
Quinteros, M.J.; Villena, M.J. On the Dynamics and Stability of the Crime and Punishment Game 2022 Complexity 2022 2449031
Ruz, G.A.; Araya-Diaz, P. Predicting Facial Biotypes Using Continuous Bayesian Network Classifiers 2018 Complexity 4075656 14 pp