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Allende, H.; Salas, R.; Moraga, C. A robust and effective learning algorithm for feedforward neural networks based on the influence function 2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 2652 28-36 details   pdf doi
Alvarenga, T.C.; De Lima, R.R.; Simao, S.D.; Junior, L.C.B.; Bueno, J.S.D.; Alvarenga, R.R.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Furtado Leite, D. Ensemble of hybrid Bayesian networks for predicting the AMEn of broiler feedstuffs 2022 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 198 107067 details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J. On the complexity of assembly line balancing problems 2019 Computers & Operations Research 108 182-186 details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J. Designing and constructing networks under uncertainty in the construction stage: Definition and exact algorithmic approach 2017 Computers & Operations Research 81 178-191 details   pdf doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J.; Vila, M. Analysis of the simple assembly line balancing problem complexity 2023 Computers & Operations Research 159 106323 details   doi
Araujo, J.; Ducoffe, G.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. On interval number in cycle convexity 2018 Discrete Mathematics And Theoretical Computer Science 20 35 pp details   pdf doi
Atkinson, J.; Maurelia, A. Redundancy-Based Trust in Question-Answering Systems 2017 Computer 50 58-65 details   pdf doi
Averbakh, I.; Pereira, J Tree optimization based heuristics and metaheuristics in network construction problems 2021 Computers & Operations Research 128 105190 details   doi
Canals, C.; Maroulis, S.; Canessa, E.; Chaigneau, S.; Mizala, A. Mechanisms Underlying Choice-Set Formation: The Case of School Choice in Chile 2022 Social Science Computer Review Early Access details   doi
Carrasco, R.A.; Pruhs, K.; Stein, C.; Verschae, J. The Online Set Aggregation Problem 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 10807 245-259 details   doi
Casalino, G.; Castellano, G.; Hryniewicz, O.; Leite, D.; Opara, K.; Radziszewska, W.; Kaczmarek-Majer, K. Semi-Supervised vs. Supervised Learning for Mental Health Monitoring: A Case Study on Bipolar Disorder 2023 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 33 419-428 details   doi
Chang, Q.; Zhou, C.C.; Valdebenito, M.A.; Liu, H.W.; Yue, Z.F. A novel sensitivity index for analyzing the response of numerical models with interval inputs 2022 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 400 115509 details   doi
de Figueiredo, C.M.H.; de Mello, C.P.; Ortiz, C. Edge colouring reduced indifference graphs 2000 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 1776 145-153 details   pdf doi
de Figueiredo, C.M.H.; Meldanis, J.; de Mello, C.P.; Ortiz, C. Decompositions for the edge colouring of reduced indifference graphs 2003 Theoretical Computer Science 297 145-155 details   pdf doi
Dölz, J.; Harbrecht, H.; Jerez-Hanckes, C.; Multerer M. Isogeometric multilevel quadrature for forward and inverse random acoustic scattering 2022 Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 388 114242 details   doi
Escapil-Inchauspe, P.; Jerez-Hanckes, C. Bi-parametric operator preconditioning 2021 Computers & Mathematics With Applications 102 220-232 details   doi
Ferran, S.; Beghelli, A.; Huerta-Canepa, G.; Jensen, F. Correctness assessment of a crowdcoding project in a computer programming introductory course 2018 Computer Applications In Engineering Education 26 162-170 details   pdf doi
Figueroa, A.; Atkinson, J. Dual-View Learning for Detecting Web Query Intents 2019 Computer 52 34-42 details   doi
Fomin, F.V.; Golovach, P.A.; Kratochvil, J.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. Pursuing a fast robber on a graph 2010 Theoretical Computer Science 411 1167-1181 details   pdf doi
Fraigniaud, P.; Montealegre-Barba, P.; Oshman, R.; Rapaport, I.; Todinca, I. On Distributed Merlin-Arthur Decision Protocols 2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 11639 details   doi
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