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Alvarenga, T.C.; De Lima, R.R.; Simao, S.D.; Junior, L.C.B.; Bueno, J.S.D.; Alvarenga, R.R.; Rodrigues, P.B.; Furtado Leite, D. Ensemble of hybrid Bayesian networks for predicting the AMEn of broiler feedstuffs 2022 Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 198 107067
Bhat, S.M.; Ahmed, S.; Bahar, A.N.; Wahid, K.A.; Otsuki, A.; Singh, P. Design of Cost-Efficient SRAM Cell in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Technology 2023 Electronics 12 367
Carrasco, M.; Alvarez, F.; Velazquez, R.; Concha, J.; Perez-Cotapos, F. Brush-Holder Integrated Load Sensor Prototype for SAG Grinding Mill Motor 2019 Electronics 8 14 pp
Carrasco, M.; Mery, D.; Concha, A.; Velazquez, R.; De Fazio, R.; Visconti, P. An Efficient Point-Matching Method Based on Multiple Geometrical Hypotheses 2021 Electronics 10 246
Gaikwad, V.M.; Dash, B.B.; Sahoo, P.K.; Shirbhate, S.C.; Pabba, D.P.; Acharya, S.A.; Lad, A.B.; Nayak, A.K.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Aepuru, R. Polarization induced ferroelectric and magnetic ordering in double-perovskite-based flexible 0-3 composite 2023 Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics 34 720
Nafees, N.; Ahmed, S.; Kakkar, V.; Bahar, A.N.; Wahid, K.A.; Otsuki, A. QCA-Based PIPO and SIPO Shift Registers Using Cost-Optimized and Energy-Efficient D Flip Flop 2022 Electronics 11 3237
Rozas Andaur, J.M.; Ruz, G.A.; Goycoolea, M. Predicting Out-of-Stock Using Machine Learning: An Application in a Retail Packaged Foods Manufacturing Company 2021 Electronics 10 2787
Seyedi, S.; Navimipour, N.J.; Otsuki, A. A New Nano-Scale and Energy-Optimized Reversible Digital Circuit Based on Quantum Technology 2022 Electronics 11 4038
Vahabi, M.; Bahar, A.N.; Otsuki, A.; Wahid, K.A. Ultra-Low-Cost Design of Ripple Carry Adder to Design Nanoelectronics in QCA Nanotechnology 2022 Electronics 11 2320