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Arulraj, A.; Murugesan, P.K.; Rajkumar, C.; Zamorano, A.T.; Mangalaraja, R.V. Nanoarchitectonics of Layered Metal Chalcogenides-Based Ternary Electrocatalyst for Water Splitting 2023 Energies 16 1669
Babonneau, F.; Barrera, J.; Toledo, J. Decarbonizing the Chilean Electric Power System: A Prospective Analysis of Alternative Carbon Emissions Policies 2021 Energies 14 4768
Caceres, G.; Fullenkamp, K.; Montane, M.; Naplocha, K.; Dmitruk, A. Encapsulated Nitrates Phase Change Material Selection for Use as Thermal Storage and Heat Transfer Materials at High Temperature in Concentrated Solar Power Plants 2017 Energies 10 21 pp
Moffat, R.; Caceres, C.; Tapia, E Rock Pillar Design Using a Masonry Equivalent Numerical Model 2021 Energies 14 890
Nasirov, S.; Cruz, E.; Agostini, C.A.; Silva, C. Policy Makers' Perspectives on the Expansion of Renewable Energy Sources in Chile's Electricity Auctions 2019 Energies 12 17 pp
Nasirov, S.; Silva, C.; Agostini, C.A. Investors' Perspectives on Barriers to the Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources in Chile 2015 Energies 8 3794-3814
Veliz-Tejo, A.; Travieso-Torres, J.C.; Peters, A.A.; Mora, A.; Leiva-Silva, F. Normalized-Model Reference System for Parameter Estimation of Induction Motors 2022 Energies 15 4542
Werlinger, F.; Segura, C.; Martinez, J.; Osorio-Roman, I.; Jara, D.; Yoon, S.J.; Gualdron-Reyes, A.F. Current Progress of Efficient Active Layers for Organic, Chalcogenide and Perovskite-Based Solar Cells: A Perspective 2023 Energies 16 5868