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Alvarez, C.; Moreno, G.; Valenzuela, F.; Rivera, J.I.; Ebensperger, F.; Reszka, P.; Fuentes, A. Use of an electric heater as an idealized firebrand to determine ignition delay time of Eucalyptus globulus leaves 2023 Fire Safety Journal 141 103923
Correa, N.; Cuevas, J.; Fuentes, A.; Torero, J.L.; Reszka, P. Understanding the effect of char oxidation on wood temperature profiles for varying heating and oxygen conditions 2024 Fire Safety Journal 142 104049
Manzello, S.L.; Blanchi, R.; Gollner, M.J.; Gorham, D.; McAllister, S.; Pastor, E.; Planas, E.; Reszka, P.; Suzuki, S. Summary of workshop large outdoor fires and the built environment 2018 Fire Safety Journal 100 76-92
Reszka, P.; Cruz, J.J.; Valdivia, J.; Gonzalez, F.; Rivera, J.; Carvajal, C.; Fuentes, A. Ignition delay times of live and dead pinus radiata needles 2020 Fire Safety Journal 112 7 pp
Rivera, J.; Hernandez, N.; Consalvi, JL.; Reszka, P.; Contreras, J.; Fuentes, A. Ignition of wildland fuels by idealized firebrands 2021 Fire Safety Journal 120 103036
Thomsen, M.; Cruz, J.J.; Escudero, F.; Fernandez-Pello, C.; Fuentes, A. Sooting behavior on a spreading flame over PMMA rods under different oxygen concentrations 2023 Fire Safety Journal 141 103967