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Caceres, E.; Carrasco, M.; Rios, S. Evaluation of an eye-pointer interaction device for human-computer interaction 2018 Heliyon 4 e00574
Melo, I.C.; Queiroz, G.A.; Junior, P.N.A.; de Sousa, T.B.; Yushimito, W.F.; Pereira, J. Sustainable digital transformation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs): A review on performance 2023 Heliyon 9 e13908
Reus, L. Optimizing the equity reassignment process: A novel application for family businesses 2019 Heliyon 5 e02050
Vera, R.; Valverde, B.; Olave, E.; Sanchez, R.; Diaz-Gomez, A.; Munoz, L.; Rojas, P. Atmospheric corrosion and impact toughness of steels: Case study in steels with and without galvanizing, exposed for 3 years in Rapa Nui Island 2023 Heliyon 9 e17811