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Alzate-Grisales, J.A.; Mora-Rubio, A.; García-García, F.; Tabares-Soto, R.; de la Iglesia-Vaya, M. SAM-UNETR: Clinically Significant Prostate CanceSegmentation Using Transfer Learning From Large Model 2023 IEEE Access 11 118217-118228
Calderon, F.I.; Lozada, A.; Borquez-Paredes, D.; Olivares, R.; Davalos, E.J.; Saavedra, G.; Jara, N.; Leiva, A. BER-Adaptive RMLSA Algorithm for Wide-Area Flexible Optical Networks 2020 Ieee Access 8 128018-128031
Cho, A.D.; Carrasco, R.A.; Ruz, G.A. Improving Prescriptive Maintenance by Incorporating Post-Prognostic Information Through Chance Constraints 2022 IEEE Access 10 55924-55932
Cho, A.D.; Carrasco, R.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Ortiz, J.L. Slow Degradation Fault Detection in a Harsh Environment 2020 IEEE Access 8 175904-175920
El Aiss, H.; Barbosa, K.A.; Peters, A.A. Nonlinear Time-Delay Observer-Based Control to Estimate Vehicle States: Lateral Vehicle Model 2022 IEEE Access 10 110459-110472
Gordon, M.A.; Vargas, F.J.; Peters, A.A. Comparison of Simple Strategies for Vehicular Platooning With Lossy Communication 2021 IEEE Access 9 103996-104010
Gutierrez-Portela, F.; Arteaga-Arteaga, B.H.; Almenares-Mendoza, F.; Calderon-Benavente, L.; Acosta-Mesa, H.G.; Tabares-Soto. R. Enhancing Intrusion Detection in IoT Communications Through ML Model Generalization With a New Dataset (IDSAI) 2023 IEEE Access 11 70542-70559
Jimenez, D.; Barrera, J.; Cancela, H. Communication Network Reliability Under Geographically Correlated Failures Using Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis 2023 IEEE Access 11 31341-31354
Lozada, A.; Calderon, F.; Kasaneva, J.N.; Borquez-Paredes, D.; Olivares, R.; Beghelli, A.; Jara, N.; Leiva, A.; Saavedra, G. Impact of Amplification and Regeneration Schemes on the Blocking Performance and Energy Consumption of Wide-Area Elastic Optical Networks 2021 IEEE Access 9 134355-134368
Morales, P.; Lozada, A.; Borquez-Paredes, D.; Olivares, R.; Saavedra, G.; Leiva, A.; Beghelli, A.; Jara, N. Improving the Performance of SDM-EON Through Demand Prioritization: A Comprehensive Analysis 2021 IEEE Access 9 63475-63490
Valle, MA.; Ruz, G.A. Finding Hierarchical Structures of Disordered Systems: An Application for Market Basket Analysis 2021 IEEE Access 9 1626-1641