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Alcaino, P.; Santa-Maria, H.; Magna-Verdugo, C.; Lopez, L. Experimental fast-assessment of post-fire residual strength of reinforced concrete frame buildings based on non-destructive tests 2020 Construction And Building Materials 234 10 pp details   pdf doi
Antico, F.C.; De la Varga, I.; Esmaeeli, H.S.; Nantung, T.E.; Zavattieri, P.D.; Weiss, W.J. Using accelerated pavement testing to examine traffic opening criteria for concrete pavements 2015 Construction And Building Materials 96 86-95 details   pdf doi
Antico, F.C.; Rojas, P.; Briones, F.; Araya-Letelier, G. Animal fibers as water reservoirs for internal curing of mortars and their limits caused by fiber clustering 2021 Construction And Building Materials 267 120918 details   doi
Araya-Letelier, G.; Antico, F.C.; Burbano-Garcia, C.; Concha-Riedeld, J.; Norambuena-Contreras, J.; Concha, J.; Saavedra Flores, E.I. Experimental evaluation of adobe mixtures reinforced with jute fibers 2021 Construction and Building Materials 276 122127 details   doi
Araya-Letelier, G.; Antico, F.C.; Carrasco, M.; Rojas, P.; Garcia-Herrera, C.M. Effectiveness of new natural fibers on damage-mechanical performance of mortar 2017 Construction And Building Materials 152 672-682 details   pdf doi
Araya-Letelier, G.; Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Sandoval, C. Experimental mechanical-damage assessment of earthen mixes reinforced with micro polypropylene fibers 2019 Construction And Building Materials 198 762-776 details   pdf doi
Araya-Letelier, G.; Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Valdes, C.; Caceres, G. Influence of natural fiber dosage and length on adobe mixes damage-mechanical behavior 2018 Construction And Building Materials 174 645-655 details   pdf doi
Arunachalam, K.P.; Avudaiappan, S.; Flores, E.I.S.; Parra, P.F. Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Cenosphere Concrete 2023 Materials 16 3518 details   doi
Azeem, M.; Guérin, A.; Dumais, T.; Caminos, L.; Goldstein, R.E.; Pesci, A.I.; de Dios Rivera, J.; Torres, M.J.; Wiener, J.; Campos, J.L.; Dumais, J. Optimal Design of Multilayer Fog Collectors 2020 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 7736-7743 details   doi
Baier, R.V.; Raggio, J.I.C.; Arancibia, C.T.; Bustamante, M.; Perez, L.; Burda, I.; Aiyangar, A.; Vivanco, J.F. Structure-function assessment of 3D-printed porous scaffolds by a low-cost/ open source fused filament fabrication printer 2021 Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials For Biological Applications 123 111945 details   doi
Beltran, J.F.; Nunez, E.; Nunez, F.; Silva, I.; Bravo, T.; Moffat, R. Static response of asymmetrically damaged metallic strands: Experimental and numerical approach 2018 Construction And Building Materials 192 538-554 details   pdf doi
Chavez-Vásconez, R.; Arévalo, C.; Torres, Y.; Reyes-Valenzuela, M.; Sauceda, S.; Salvo, C.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Montealegre, I.; Perez-Soriano, E.M.; Lascano, S. Understanding the synergetic effects of mechanical milling and hot pressing on bimodal microstructure and tribo-mechanical behavior in porous Ti structures 2023 Journal of Materials Research and Technology 27 5243-5256 details   doi
Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Lopez-Querol, S. Mechanical strength, mass loss and volumetric changes of drying adobe matrices combined with kaolin and fine soil particles 2021 Construction And Building Materials 312 125246 details   doi
Cortez, V.; Saravia, G.; Vogel, E.E. Phase diagram and reentrance for the 3D Edwards-Anderson model using information theory 2014 Journal Of Magnetism And Magnetic Materials 372 173-180 details   pdf doi
Fukushima, K.; Kabir, M.; Kanda, K.; Obara, N.; Fukuyama, M.; Otsuki, A. Equivalent Circuit Models: An Effective Tool to Simulate Electric/Dielectric Properties of Ores-An Example Using Granite 2022 Materials 15 4549 details   doi
Gaikwad, V.M.; Dash, B.B.; Sahoo, P.K.; Shirbhate, S.C.; Pabba, D.P.; Acharya, S.A.; Lad, A.B.; Nayak, A.K.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Aepuru, R. Polarization induced ferroelectric and magnetic ordering in double-perovskite-based flexible 0-3 composite 2023 Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics 34 720 details   doi
Gallegos, M.F.; Araya-Letelier, G.; Lopez-Garcia, D.; Parra, P.F. Seismic collapse performance of high-rise RC dual system buildings in subduction zones 2023 Case Studies in Construction Materials 18 e02042 details   doi
Grigioni, I.; Polo, A.; Dozzi, M.V.; Stamplecoskie, K.G.; Jara, D.H.; Kamat, P.V.; Selli, E. Enhanced Charge Carrier Separation in WO3/BiVO4 Photoanodes Achieved via Light Absorption in the BiVO4 Layer 2022 ACS Applied Energy Materials 5 1314213148 details   doi
Kumar, N.; Gajraj, V.; Rameshbabu, R.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Joshi, N.C.; Priyadarshi, N. Redox additive electrolyte assisted promising pseudocapacitance from strictly 1D and 2D blended structures of MnO2/rGO 2022 Materials Characterization 189 111991 details   doi
Larrain, F.A.; Fuentes-Hernandez, C.; Chang, Y.CH.; Rodriguez-Toro, V.A.; Abraham, S.; Kippelen, B. Increasing Volume in Conjugated Polymers to Facilitate Electrical Doping with Phosphomolybdic Acid 2021 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 23260-23267 details   doi
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