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Barrera, J.; Homem-De-Mello, T.; Moreno, E.; Pagnoncelli, B.K.; Canessa, G. Chance-constrained problems and rare events: an importance sampling approach 2016 Mathematical Programming 157 153-189
Bravo, M.; Cominetti, R.; Pavez-Signe, M. Rates of convergence for inexact Krasnosel'skii-Mann iterations in Banach spaces 2019 Mathematical Programming 175 241-262
Cominetti, R.; Dose, V.; Scarsini, M. The price of anarchy in routing games as a function of the demand 2022 Mathematical Programming Early Access
Contreras, J.P.; Cominetti, R. Optimal error bounds for non-expansive fixed-point iterations in normed spaces 2022 Mathematical Programming Early Access
Ramirez-Pico, C.; Moreno, E. Generalized Adaptive Partition-based Method for Two-Stage Stochastic Linear Programs with Fixed Recourse 2022 Mathematical Programming to appear