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Acuna, V.; Ferreira, C.E.; Freire, A.S.; Moreno, E. Solving the maximum edge biclique packing problem on unbalanced bipartite graphs 2014 Discrete Applied Mathematics 164 2-12 details   pdf doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Campos-Valdes, C.; Quiroga, M.M.; Moreno-Faguett, M.; Pereira, J. A Multi-Criteria Pen for Drawing Fair Districts: When Democratic and Demographic Fairness Matter 2020 Mathematics 8 27 pp details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J. A Districting Application with a Quality of Service Objective 2022 Mathematics 10 13 details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J.; Torrez-Meruvia H.; Vila, M. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for the Simple Assembly Line Balancing Problem with a Fixed Number of Workstations 2021 Mathematics 9 2157 details   doi
Aracena, J.; Demongeot, J.; Fanchon, E.; Montalva, M. On the number of update digraphs and its relation with the feedback arc sets and tournaments 2013 Discrete Applied Mathematics 161 1345-1355 details   pdf doi
Araneda, AA.; Villena, MJ. Computing the CEV option pricing formula using the semiclassical approximation of path integral 2021 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 388 113244 details   doi
Araujo, J.; Ducoffe, G.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. On interval number in cycle convexity 2018 Discrete Mathematics And Theoretical Computer Science 20 35 pp details   pdf doi
Ayala, A.; Claeys, X.; Escapil-Inchauspé, P.; Jerez-Hanckes, C. Local Multiple Traces Formulation for electromagnetics: Stability and preconditioning for smooth geometries 2022 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 413 114356 details   doi
Becker, F.; Montealegre, P.; Rapaport, I.; Todinca, I. The Impact Of Locality In The Broadcast Congested Clique Model 2020 Siam Journal On Discrete Mathematics 34 682-700 details   doi
Bitar, N.; Goles, E.; Montealegre, P. COMPUTATIONAL COMPLEXITY OF BIASED DIFFUSION-LIMITED AGGREGATION 2022 Siam Journal On Discrete Mathematics 36 823-866 details   doi
Bravo, M.; Cominetti, R. Sharp convergence rates for averaged nonexpansive maps 2018 Israel Journal Of Mathematics 227 163-188 details   pdf doi
Bustamante, M.; Lefranc, G. Degradation Model Of Breast Imaging By Dispersed Radiation 2011 Proceedings Of The Romanian Academy Series A-Mathematics Physics Technical Sciences Information Science 12 347-352 details   pdf url
Campos-Valdes, C.; Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Quiroga, MM; Pereira, J.; Duran, FL. The Impact of Candidates' Profile and Campaign Decisions in Electoral Results: A Data Analytics Approach 2021 Mathematics 9 902 details   doi
Casalino, G.; Castellano, G.; Hryniewicz, O.; Leite, D.; Opara, K.; Radziszewska, W.; Kaczmarek-Majer, K. Semi-Supervised vs. Supervised Learning for Mental Health Monitoring: A Case Study on Bipolar Disorder 2023 International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 33 419-428 details   doi
Chambolle, A.; Contreras, J.P. Accelerated Bregman Primal-Dual Methods Applied to Optimal Transport and Wasserstein Barycenter Problems 2023 SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science 4 1369-1395 details   doi
Chuaqui, M.; Hamada, H.; Hernandez, R.; Kohr, G. Pluriharmonic mappings and linearly connected domains in C-n 2014 Israel Journal Of Mathematics 200 489-506 details   pdf doi
Cominetti, R.; Quattropani, M.; Scarsini, M. The Buck-Passing Game 2022 Mathematics Operations Research Early Access details   doi
Cominetti, R.; Scarsini, M.; Schroder, M.; Stier-Moses, N. Approximation and Convergence of Large Atomic Congestion Games 2022 Mathematics of Operations Research Early Access details   doi
Concha-Vega, P.; Goles, E.; Montealegre, P.; Rios-Wilson, M On the Complexity of Stable and Biased Majority 2022 Mathematics 10 3408 details   doi
Coudert, D.; Luedtke, J.; Moreno, E.; Priftis, K. Computing and maximizing the exact reliability of wireless backhaul networks. 2018 Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 64 85-94 details   doi
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