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Abenza, J.F.; Couturier, E.; Dodgson, J.; Dickmann, J.; Chessel, A.; Dumais, J.; Salas, R.E.C. Wall mechanics and exocytosis define the shape of growth domains in fission yeast 2015 Nature Communications 6 13 pp
Concha, A.; Mellado, P.; Morera-Brenes, B.; Costa, C.S.; Mahadevan, L.; Monge-Najera, J. Oscillation of the velvet worm slime jet by passive hydrodynamic instability 2015 Nature Communications 6 6 pp
Farhan, A.; Petersen, C.F.; Dhuey, S.; Anghinolfi, L.; Qin, Q.H.; Saccone, M.; Velten, S.; Wuth, C.; Gliga, S.; Mellado, P.; Alava, M.J.; Scholl, A.; van Dijken, S. Nanoscale control of competing interactions and geometrical frustration in a dipolar trident lattice 2017 Nature Communications 8 7 pp
Farhan, A.; Scholl, A.; Petersen, C.F.; Anghinolfi, L.; Wuth, C.; Dhuey, S.; Chopdekar, R.V.; Mellado, P.; Alava, M.J.; van Dijken, S. Thermodynamics of emergent magnetic charge screening in artificial spin ice 2016 Nature Communications 7 6 pp
Gao, T.H.; Qaiumzadeh, A.; Troncoso, R.E.; Haku, S.; An, H.Y.; Nakayama, H.; Tazaki, Y.; Zhang, S.; Tu, R.; Asami, A.; Brataas, A.; Ando, K. Impact of inherent energy barrier on spin-orbit torques in magnetic-metal/semimetal heterojunctions 2023 Nature Communications 14
Hamant, O.; Inoue, D.; Bouchez, D.; Dumais, J.; Mjolsness, E. Are microtubules tension sensors? 2019 Nature Communications 10 12 pp
Kamal, C.; Gravelle, S.; Botto, L. Hydrodynamic slip can align thin nanoplatelets in shear flow 2020 Nature Communications 11 10 pp
Raux, P.S.; Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. Design of a unidirectional water valve in Tillandsia 2020 Nature Communications 11 7 pp
Selcho, M.; Millan, C.; Palacios-Munoz, A.; Ruf, F.; Ubillo, L.; Chen, J.T.; Bergmann, G.; Ito, C.; Silva, V.; Wegener, C.; Ewer, J. Central and peripheral clocks are coupled by a neuropeptide pathway in Drosophila 2017 Nature Communications 8 13 pp