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Carreno, A.; Aros, A.E.; Otero, C.; Polanco, R.; Gacitua, M.; Arratia-Perez, R.; Fuentes, J.A. Substituted bidentate and ancillary ligands modulate the bioimaging properties of the classical Re(I) tricarbonyl core with yeasts and bacteria (vol 41, pg 2140, 2017) 2017 New Journal Of Chemistry 41 2826-2826
Carreno, A.; Gacitua, M.; Fuentes, J.A.; Paez-Hernandez, D.; Araneda, C.; Chavez, I.; Soto-Arriaza, M.; Manriquez, J.M.; Polanco, R.; Mora, G.C.; Otero, C.; Swords, W.B.; Arratia-Perez, R. Theoretical and experimental characterization of a novel pyridine benzimidazole: suitability for fluorescence staining in cells and antimicrobial properties 2016 New Journal Of Chemistry 40 2362-2375
Carreno, A.; Gacitua, M.; Fuentes, J.A.; Paez-Hernandez, D.; Penaloza, J.P.; Otero, C.; Preite, M.; Molins, E.; Swords, W.B.; Meyer, G.J.; Manriquez, J.M.; Polanco, R.; Chavez, I.; Arratia-Perez, R. Fluorescence probes for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells using Re(CO)(3)(+) complexes with an electron withdrawing ancillary ligand 2016 New Journal Of Chemistry 40 7687-7700
Karthikeyan, C.; Sisubalan, N.; Varaprasad, K.; Aepuru, R.; Yallapu, M.M.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Umaralikhan.; Sadiku, R. Hybrid nanoparticles from chitosan and nickel for enhanced biocidal activities 2022 New Journal Of Chemistry 46 13240-13248
Suresh, R.; Alvarez, A.; Sandoval, C.; Ramirez, E.; Santander, P.; Mangalaraja, R.V.; Yanez, J. Fe2O3/NiO nanocomposites: synthesis, characterization and roxarsone sensing by Fourier transform infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy 2023 New Journal Of Chemistry 47 12806-12815