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Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J. On the complexity of assembly line balancing problems 2019 Computers & Operations Research 108 182-186 details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J. Designing and constructing networks under uncertainty in the construction stage: Definition and exact algorithmic approach 2017 Computers & Operations Research 81 178-191 details   pdf doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Pereira, J.; Vila, M. Analysis of the simple assembly line balancing problem complexity 2023 Computers & Operations Research 159 106323 details   doi
Averbakh, I.; Pereira, J Tree optimization based heuristics and metaheuristics in network construction problems 2021 Computers & Operations Research 128 105190 details   doi
Barrera, J.; Cancela, H.; Moreno, E. Topological optimization of reliable networks under dependent failures 2015 Operations Research Letters 43 132-136 details   pdf doi
Barrera, J.; Carrasco, R.A.; Mondschein, S.; Canessa, G.; Rojas-Zalazar, D. Operating room scheduling under waiting time constraints: the Chilean GES plan 2020 Annals Of Operations Research 286 501-527 details   doi
Barrera, J.; Moreno, E.; Varas, S. A decomposition algorithm for computing income taxes with pass-through entities and its application to the Chilean case 2020 Annals Of Operations Research 286 545-557 details   doi
Chicoisne, R.; Espinoza, D.; Goycoolea, M.; Moreno, E.; Rubio, E. A New Algorithm for the Open-Pit Mine Production Scheduling Problem 2012 Operations Research 60 517-528 details   pdf doi
Colini-Baldeschi, R.; Cominetti, R.; Mertikopoulos, P.; Scarsini, M. When Is Selfish Routing Bad? The Price of Anarchy in Light and Heavy Traffic 2020 Operations Research 68 411-434 details   doi
Cominetti, R.; Correa, J.; Olver, N. Long-Term Behavior of Dynamic Equilibria in Fluid Networks 2022 Operations Research 70 516-526 details   doi
Cominetti, R.; Quattropani, M.; Scarsini, M. The Buck-Passing Game 2022 Mathematics Operations Research Early Access details   doi
Cominetti, R.; Scarsini, M.; Schroder, M.; Stier-Moses, N. Approximation and Convergence of Large Atomic Congestion Games 2022 Mathematics of Operations Research Early Access details   doi
de Mateo, F.; Coelli, T.; O'Donnell, C. Optimal paths and costs of adjustment in dynamic DEA models: with application to chilean department stores 2006 Annals Of Operations Research 145 211-227 details   pdf doi
Espinoza, D.; Goycoolea, M.; Moreno, E.; Newman, A. MineLib: a library of open pit mining problems 2013 Annals Of Operations Research 206 93-114 details   pdf doi
Freire, A.S.; Moreno, E.; Vielma, J.P. An integer linear programming approach for bilinear integer programming 2012 Operations Research Letters 40 74-77 details   pdf doi
Gonzalez, E.; Epstein, L.D.; Godoy, V. Optimal number of bypasses: minimizing cost of calls to wireless phones under Calling Party Pays 2012 Annals Of Operations Research 199 179-191 details   pdf doi
Lagos, F.; Boland, N.; Savelsbergh, M. Dynamic discretization discovery for solving the Continuous Time Inventory Routing Problem with Out-and-Back Routes 2022 Computers & Operations Research 141 105686 details   doi
Lespay, H.; Suchan, K. Territory Design for the Multi-Period Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows 2022 Computers & Operations Research 145 105866 details   doi
Letelier, O.R.; Espinoza, D.; Goycoolea, M.; Moreno, E.; Munoz, G. Production Scheduling for Strategic Open Pit Mine Planning: A Mixed-Integer Programming Approach 2020 Operations Research 68 1425-1444 details   doi
Moreno, S.; Pereira, J.; Yushimito, W. A hybrid K-means and integer programming method for commercial territory design: a case study in meat distribution 2020 Annals Of Operations Research 286 87-117 details   doi
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