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Acena, A.; Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D. Exact hairy black brane solutions in 5D anti-de Sitter space and holographic renormalization group flows 2013 Physical Review D 87 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Martinez, C. Mass of asymptotically anti-de Sitter hairy spacetimes 2015 Physical Review D 91 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Batista, C. A class of integrable metrics 2016 Physical Review D 93 13 pp
Anabalon, A.; Bicak, J.; Saavedra, J. Hairy black holes: Stability under odd-parity perturbations and existence of slowly rotating solutions 2014 Physical Review D 90 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Canfora, F.; Giacomini, A.; Oliva, J. Gribov ambiguity in asymptotically AdS three-dimensional gravity 2011 Physical Review D 83 7 pp
Anabalon, A.; Canfora, F.; Giacomini, A.; Oliva, J. Black holes with gravitational hair in higher dimensions 2011 Physical Review D 84 10 pp
Anabalon, A.; Cisterna, A. Asymptotically (anti-) de Sitter black holes and wormholes with a self-interacting scalar field in four dimensions 2012 Physical Review D 85 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Cisterna, A.; Oliva, J. Asymptotically locally AdS and flat black holes in Horndeski theory 2014 Physical Review D 89 9 pp
Anabalon, A.; Deruelle, N. Mechanical stability of asymptotically flat black holes with minimally coupled scalar hair 2013 Physical Review D 88 9 pp
Anabalon, A.; Oliva, J. Exact hairy black holes and their modification to the universal law of gravitation 2012 Physical Review D 86 5 pp
Aros, R.; Contreras, M. Torsion induces gravity 2006 Physical Review D 73 4 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L. Gravitational electromotive force in magnetic reconnection around Schwarzschild black holes 2019 Physical Review D 99 7 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L. Magnetic connections in curved spacetime 2017 Physical Review D 96 7 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Hojman, S.A. Birefringent light propagation on anisotropic cosmological backgrounds 2017 Physical Review D 96 12 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Mahajan, S.M. Resonant interaction between dispersive gravitational waves and scalar massive particles 2020 Physical Review D 101 4 pp
Bunster, C.; Gomberoff, A. Gravitational domain walls and the dynamics of the gravitational constant G 2017 Physical Review D 96 9 pp
Bunster, C.; Gomberoff, A.; Perez, A. Bondi-Metzner-Sachs invariance and electric-magnetic duality 2020 Physical Review D 101 15 pp
Canfora, F.; Oh, S.H.; Salgado-Rebolledo, P. Gravitational catalysis of merons in Einstein-Yang-Mills theory 2017 Physical Review D 96 10 pp
Comisso, L.; Asenjo, F.A. Magnetic reconnection as a mechanism for energy extraction from rotating black holes 2021 Physical Review D 103 023014
Comisso, L.; Asenjo, F.A. Generalized magnetofluid connections in a curved spacetime 2020 Physical Review D 102 8 pp