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Asenjo, F.A.; Mahajan, S.M. Diamagnetic field states in cosmological plasmas 2019 Physical Review E 99 7 pp
Bottcher, L.; Woolley-Meza, O.; Goles, E.; Helbing, D.; Herrmann, H.J. Connectivity disruption sparks explosive epidemic spreading 2016 Physical Review E 93 8 pp
Domic, N.G.; Goles, E.; Rica, S. Dynamics and complexity of the Schelling segregation model 2011 Physical Review E 83 13 pp
During, G.; Josserand, C.; Rica, S. Self-similar formation of an inverse cascade in vibrating elastic plates 2015 Physical Review E 91 10 pp
Ekman, R.; Asenjo, F.A.; Zamanian, J. Relativistic kinetic equation for spin-1/2 particles in the long-scale-length approximation 2017 Physical Review E 96 8 pp
Mahajan, S.M.; Asenjo, F.A. Parametric amplification of electromagnetic plasma waves in resonance with a dispersive background gravitational wave 2023 Physical Review E 107 035205
Reid, A.; Lechenault, F.; Rica, S.; Adda-Bedia, M. Geometry and design of origami bellows with tunable response 2017 Physical Review E 95 10 pp
Urbina, F.; Rica, S. Master equation approach to reversible and conservative discrete systems 2016 Physical Review E 94 9 pp
Vieira, AP.; Goles, E.; Herrmann, HJ. Phase transitions in a conservative game of life 2021 Physical Review E 103 012132