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Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L. Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Kerr Spacetime 2017 Physical Review Letters 118 5 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L. Generalized Magnetofluid Connections in Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics 2015 Physical Review Letters 114 5 pp
Baudin, K.; Fusaro, A.; Krupa, K.; Garnier, J.; Rica, S.; Millot, G.; Picozzi, A. Classical Rayleigh-Jeans Condensation of Light Waves: Observation and Thermodynamic Characterization 2020 Physical Review Letters 125 244101
Braun, S.; Asenjo, F.A.; Mahajan, S.M. Comment on “Spin-Gradient-Driven Light Amplification in a Quantum Plasma” Reply 2014 Physical Review Letters 112 1 pp
Comisso, L.; Asenjo, F.A. Thermal-Inertial Effects on Magnetic Reconnection in Relativistic Pair Plasmas 2014 Physical Review Letters 113 5 pp
Concha, A.; Aguayo, D.; Mellado, P. Designing Hysteresis with Dipolar Chains 2018 Physical Review Letters 120 5 pp
Mason, P.; Josserand, C.; Rica, S. Activated Nucleation of Vortices in a Dipole-Blockaded Supersolid Condensate 2012 Physical Review Letters 109 5 pp
Mellado, P.; Concha, A.; Rica, S. Magnetoelectric Effect in Dipolar Clusters 2020 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 125 237602
Saji, C.; Troncoso, R.E.; Carvalho-Santos, V.L.; Altbir, D.; Nunez, A.S. Hopfion-Driven Magnonic Hall Effect and Magnonic Focusing 2023 Physical Review Letters 131 166702