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Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D. Black holes in omega-deformed gauged N=8 supergravity 2014 Physics Letters B 732 137-141
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D. On attractor mechanism of AdS(4) black holes 2013 Physics Letters B 727 568-572
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D. Hairy AdS solitons 2016 Physics Letters B 762 80-85
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D. On the thermodynamics of hairy black holes 2015 Physics Letters B 743 154-159
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Mann, R. Holographic equation of state in fluid/gravity duality 2017 Physics Letters B 770 272-277
Anabalon, A.; Ortiz, T.; Samtleben, H. Rotating D0-branes and consistent truncations of supergravity 2013 Physics Letters B 727 516-523
Chandia, O. The b ghost of the pure spinor formalism is nilpotent 2011 Physics Letters B 695 312-316
Concha, P.K.; Durka, R.; Merino, N.; Rodriguez, E.K. New family of Maxwell like algebras 2016 Physics Letters B 759 507-512
Concha, P.K.; Merino, N.; Rodriguez, E.K. Lovelock gravities from Born-Infeld gravity theory 2017 Physics Letters B 765 395-401
Moya-Cessa, H.M.; Asenjo, F.A.; Hojman, S.A.; Soto-Eguibar, F. Two-mode squeezed state generation using the Bohm potential 2022 Modern Physics Letters B 36 2250025
Villegas-Martinez, B.M.; Soto-Eguibar, F.; Moya-Cessa, H.M.; Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Non-Hermitian dynamics from Hermitian systems: Do-it-yourself 2024 Modern Physics Letters B Early Access