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Bonassa, G.; Bolsan, A.C.; Hollas, C.E.; Venturin, B.; Candido, D.; Chini, A.; De Pra, M.C.; Antes, F.G.; Campos, J.L.; Kunz, A. Organic carbon bioavailability: Is it a good driver to choose the best biological nitrogen removal process? 2021 Science Of The Total Environment 786 147390
Gimeno, F.; Galleguillos, M.; Manuschevich, D.; Zambrano-Bigiarini, M. A coupled modeling approach to assess the effect of forest policies in water provision: A biophysical evaluation of a drought-prone rural catchment in south-central Chile 2022 Science Of The Total Environment 830 154608
McFadden, M.; Loconsole, J.; Schockling, A.; Nerenberg, R.; Pavissich, J.P. Comparing peracetic acid and hypochlorite for disinfection of combined sewer overflows: Effects of suspended-solids and pH 2017 Science Of The Total Environment 599 533-539
Schmidt-Rivera, X.S.; Rodgers, B.; Odanye, T.; Jalil-Vega, F.; Farmer, J. The role of aeroponic container farms in sustainable food systems – The environmental credentials 2023 Science Of The Total Environment 860 160420
Wiener, M.; Moreno, S.; Jafvert, C.; Nies, L. Time Series Analysis of Water Use and Indirect Reuse within a HUC-4 Basin (Wabash) over a Nine Year Period 2020 Science of the Total Environment 738 140221