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Allende, H.; Bravo, D.; Canessa, E. Robust design in multivariate systems using genetic algorithms 2010 Quality & Quantity 44 315-332 details   pdf doi
Barrera, J.; Fontbona, J. The Limiting Move-To-Front Search-Cost In Law Of Large Numbers Asymptotic Regimes 2010 Annals Of Applied Probability 20 722-752 details   pdf doi
Contreras, M.; Montalva, R.; Pellicer, R.; Villena, M. Dynamic option pricing with endogenous stochastic arbitrage 2010 Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 389 3552-3564 details   pdf doi
Contreras, M.; Pellicer, R.; Villena, M.; Ruiz, A. A quantum model of option pricing: When Black-Scholes meets Schrodinger and its semi-classical limit 2010 Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 389 5447-5459 details   pdf doi
De la Iglesia, R.; Valenzuela-Heredia, D.; Pavissich, J.P.; Freyhoffer, S.; Andrade, S.; Correa, J.A.; Gonzalez, B. Novel polymerase chain reaction primers for the specific detection of bacterial copper P-type ATPases gene sequences in environmental isolates and metagenomic DNA 2010 Letters In Applied Microbiology 50 552-562 details   pdf doi
Demongeot, J.; Goles, E.; Morvan, M.; Noual, M.; Sene, S. Attraction Basins as Gauges of Robustness against Boundary Conditions in Biological Complex Systems 2010 Plos One 5 18 pp details   pdf doi
Fomin, F.V.; Golovach, P.A.; Kratochvil, J.; Nisse, N.; Suchan, K. Pursuing a fast robber on a graph 2010 Theoretical Computer Science 411 1167-1181 details   pdf doi
Gazitua, M.C.; Slater, A.W.; Melo, F.; Gonzalez, B. Novel alpha-ketoglutarate dioxygenase tfdA-related genes are found in soil DNA after exposure to phenoxyalkanoic herbicides 2010 Environmental Microbiology 12 2411-2425 details   pdf doi
Goles, E.; Salinas, L. Sequential operator for filtering cycles in Boolean networks 2010 Advances In Applied Mathematics 45 346-358 details   pdf doi
Hengst, M.B.; Andrade, S.; Gonzalez, B.; Correa, J.A. Changes in Epiphytic Bacterial Communities of Intertidal Seaweeds Modulated by Host, Temporality, and Copper Enrichment 2010 Microbial Ecology 60 282-290 details   pdf doi
Lardies, M.A.; Arias, M.B.; Bacigalupe, L.D. Phenotypic covariance matrix in life-history traits along a latitudinal gradient: a study case in a geographically widespread crab on the coast of Chile 2010 Marine Ecology-Progress Series 412 179-187 details   pdf doi
Lavin, P.; Gonzalez, B.; Santibanez, J.F.; Scanlan, D.J.; Ulloa, O. Novel lineages of Prochlorococcus thrive within the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern tropical South Pacific 2010 Environmental Microbiology Reports 2 728-738 details   pdf doi
Lykidis, A.; Perez-Pantoja, D.; Ledger, T.; Mavromatis, K.; Anderson, I.J.; Ivanova, N.N.; Hooper, S.D.; Lapidus, A.; Lucas, S.; Gonzalez, B.; Kyrpides, N.C. The Complete Multipartite Genome Sequence of Cupriavidus necator JMP134, a Versatile Pollutant Degrader 2010 Plos One 5 13 pp details   pdf doi
Marin, M.; Perez-Pantoja, D.; Donoso, R.; Wray, V.; Gonzalez, B.; Pieper, D.H. Modified 3-Oxoadipate Pathway for the Biodegradation of Methylaromatics in Pseudomonas reinekei MT1 2010 Journal Of Bacteriology 192 1543-1552 details   pdf doi
Martinez, J.; Simon, V.; Gonzalez, B.; Conget, P. A real-time PCR-based strategy for the detection of Paenibacillus larvae vegetative cells and spores to improve the diagnosis and the screening of American foulbrood 2010 Letters In Applied Microbiology 50 603-610 details   pdf doi
Morgante, V.; Lopez-Lopez, A.; Flores, C.; Gonzalez, M.; Gonzalez, B.; Vasquez, M.; Rossello-Mora, R.; Seeger, M. Bioaugmentation with Pseudomonas sp strain MHP41 promotes simazine attenuation and bacterial community changes in agricultural soils 2010 Fems Microbiology Ecology 71 114-126 details   pdf doi
Pavissich, J.P.; Silva, M.; Gonzalez, B. Sulfate Reduction, Molecular Diversity, And Copper Amendment Effects In Bacterial Communities Enriched From Sediments Exposed To Copper Mining Residues 2010 Environmental Toxicology And Chemistry 29 256-264 details   pdf doi
Pavissich, J.P.; Vargas, I.T.; Gonzalez, B.; Pasten, P.A.; Pizarro, G.E. Culture dependent and independent analyses of bacterial communities involved in copper plumbing corrosion 2010 Journal Of Applied Microbiology 109 771-782 details   pdf doi
Sepulveda, N.; Josserand, C.; Rica, S. Superfluid density in a two-dimensional model of supersolid 2010 European Physical Journal B 78 439-447 details   pdf doi
Taboada, E.; Fisher, P.; Jara, R.; Zuniga, E.; Gidekel, M.; Cabrera, J.C.; Pereira, E.; Gutierrez-Moraga, A.; Villalonga, R.; Cabrera, G. Isolation and characterisation of pectic substances from murta (Ugni molinae Turcz) fruits 2010 Food Chemistry 123 669-678 details   pdf doi
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