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Anabalon, A. Exact black holes and universality in the backreaction of non-linear sigma models with a potential in (A)dS(4) 2012 Journal Of High Energy Physics 18 pp
Anabalon, A.; Canfora, F.; Giacomini, A.; Oliva, J. Black holes with primary hair in gauged N=8 supergravity 2012 Journal Of High Energy Physics 12 pp
Anabalon, A.; Cisterna, A. Asymptotically (anti-) de Sitter black holes and wormholes with a self-interacting scalar field in four dimensions 2012 Physical Review D 85 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Oliva, J. Exact hairy black holes and their modification to the universal law of gravitation 2012 Physical Review D 86 5 pp
Barra, F.; Lund, F.; Mujica, N.; Rica, S. Shear modulus of an elastic solid under external pressure as a function of temperature: The case of helium 2012 Physical Review B 85 6 pp
Besaury, L.; Ouddane, B.; Pavissich, J.P.; Dubrulle-Brunaud, C.; Gonzalez, B.; Quillet, L. Impact of copper on the abundance and diversity of sulfate-reducing prokaryotes in two chilean marine sediments 2012 Marine Pollution Bulletin 64 2135-2145
Campas, O.; Rojas, E.; Dumais, J.; Mahadevan, L. Strategies For Cell Shape Control In Tip-Growing Cells 2012 American Journal Of Botany 99 1577-1582
Canessa, E.; Droop, C.; Allende, H. An improved genetic algorithm for robust design in multivariate systems 2012 Quality & Quantity 46 665-678
Canessa, E.; Vera, S.; Allende, H. A new method for estimating missing values for a genetic algorithm used in robust design 2012 Engineering Optimization 44 787-800
Caniupan, M.; Bravo, L.; Hurtado, C.A. Repairing inconsistent dimensions in data warehouses 2012 Data & Knowledge Engineering 79-80 17-39
Chaigneau, S.E.; Canessa, E.; Gaete, J. Conceptual agreement theory 2012 New Ideas In Psychology 30 179-189
Chicoisne, R.; Espinoza, D.; Goycoolea, M.; Moreno, E.; Rubio, E. A New Algorithm for the Open-Pit Mine Production Scheduling Problem 2012 Operations Research 60 517-528
Corral, N.; Anrique, N.; Fernandes, D.; Parrado, C.; Caceres, G. Power, placement and LEC evaluation to install CSP plants in northern Chile 2012 Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 6678-6685
De la Iglesia, R.; Valenzuela-Heredia, D.; Andrade, S.; Correa, J.; Gonzalez, B. Composition dynamics of epilithic intertidal bacterial communities exposed to high copper levels 2012 Fems Microbiology Ecology 79 720-727
Fernandes, D.; Pitie, F.; Caceres, G.; Baeyens, J. Thermal energy storage: “How previous findings determine current research priorities” 2012 Energy 39 246-257
Fernandez, C.; Valle, C.; Saravia, F.; Allende, H. Behavior analysis of neural network ensemble algorithm on a virtual machine cluster 2012 Neural Computing & Applications 21 535-542
Formenti, E.; Goles, E.; Martin, B. Computational Complexity of Avalanches in the Kadanoff Sandpile Model 2012 Fundamenta Informaticae 115 107-124
Freire, A.S.; Moreno, E.; Vielma, J.P. An integer linear programming approach for bilinear integer programming 2012 Operations Research Letters 40 74-77
Goles, E.; Moreira, A. Number-Conserving Cellular Automata and Communication Complexity: A Numerical Exploration Beyond Elementary CAs 2012 Journal Of Cellular Automata 7 151-165
Goles, E.; Noual, M. Disjunctive networks and update schedules 2012 Advances In Applied Mathematics 48 646-662