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Abenza, J.F.; Couturier, E.; Dodgson, J.; Dickmann, J.; Chessel, A.; Dumais, J.; Salas, R.E.C. Wall mechanics and exocytosis define the shape of growth domains in fission yeast 2015 Nature Communications 6 13 pp
Allende, C.; Sohn, E.; Little, C. Treelink: data integration, clustering and visualization of phylogenetic trees 2015 Bmc Bioinformatics 16 6 pp
Alvarez-Gerding, X.; Cortes-Bullemore, R.; Medina, C.; Romero-Romero, J.L.; Inostroza-Blancheteau, C.; Aquea, F.; Arce-Johnson, P. Improved Salinity Tolerance in Carrizo Citrange Rootstock through Overexpression of Glyoxalase System Genes 2015 Biomed Research International 827951 7 pp
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D. On the thermodynamics of hairy black holes 2015 Physics Letters B 743 154-159
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Martinez, C. Mass of asymptotically anti-de Sitter hairy spacetimes 2015 Physical Review D 91 6 pp
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Oliva, J. Hairy black hole stability in AdS, quantum mechanics on the half-line and holography 2015 Journal Of High Energy Physics 15 pp
Antico, F.C.; De la Varga, I.; Esmaeeli, H.S.; Nantung, T.E.; Zavattieri, P.D.; Weiss, W.J. Using accelerated pavement testing to examine traffic opening criteria for concrete pavements 2015 Construction And Building Materials 96 86-95
Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L. Generalized Magnetofluid Connections in Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics 2015 Physical Review Letters 114 5 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Comisso, L.; Mahajan, S.M. Generalized magnetofluid connections in pair plasmas 2015 Physics Of Plasmas 22 4 pp
Asenjo, F.A.; Mahajan, S.M. Relativistic quantum vorticity of the quadratic form of the Dirac equation 2015 Physica Scripta 90 4 pp
Astorga-Elo, M.; Ramirez-Flandes, S.; DeLong, E.F.; Ulloa, O. Genomic potential for nitrogen assimilation in uncultivated members of Prochlorococcus from an anoxic marine zone 2015 ISME Journal 9 1264-1267
Barrera, J.; Cancela, H.; Moreno, E. Topological optimization of reliable networks under dependent failures 2015 Operations Research Letters 43 132-136
Becker, F.; Kosowski, A.; Matamala, M.; Nisse, N.; Rapaport, I.; Suchan, K.; Todinca, I. Allowing each node to communicate only once in a distributed system: shared whiteboard models 2015 Distributed Computing 28 189-200
Bitran, G.; Mondschein, S. Why individualized contact policies are critical in the mass affluent market 2015 Academia-Revista Latinoamericana De Administracion 28 251-272
Caceres, G.; Nasirov, S.; Zhang, H.L.; Araya-Letelier, G. Residential Solar PV Planning in Santiago, Chile: Incorporating the PM10 Parameter 2015 Sustainability 7 422-440
Canessa, E.; Chaigneau, S. Calibrating Agent-Based Models Using a Genetic Algorithm 2015 Studies In Informatics And Control 24 79-90
Chandia, O.; Vallilo, B.C. Non-minimal fields of the pure spinor string in general curved backgrounds 2015 Journal Of High Energy Physics 16 pp
Chandia, O.; Vallilo, B.C. C Ambitwistor pure spinor string in a type II supergravity background 2015 Journal Of High Energy Physics 15 pp
Chuaqui, M.; Hernandez, R. Ahlfors-Weill extensions in several complex variables 2015 Journal Fur Die Reine Und Angewandte Mathematik 698 161-179
Collins, C.J.; Vivanco, J.F.; Sokn, S.A.; Williams, B.O.; Burgers, T.A.; Ploeg, H.L. Fracture healing in mice lacking Pten in osteoblasts: a micro-computed tomography image-based analysis of the mechanical properties of the femur 2015 Journal Of Biomechanics 48 310-317