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Rojas, P.A .; Martinez, C.; Aguilar, C.; Briones, F.; Zelaya, M.E.; Guzman, D. Characterization of phase changes during fabrication of copper alloys, crystalline and non-crystalline, prepared by mechanical alloying 2016 Ingenieria E Investigacion 36 102-109
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Go, R.S.; Munoz, F.D.; Watson, J.P. Assessing the economic value of co-optimized grid-scale energy storage investments in supporting high renewable portfolio standards 2016 Applied Energy 183 902-913
Anabalon, A.; Astefanesei, D.; Choque, D. Hairy AdS solitons 2016 Physics Letters B 762 80-85
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Rojas, F.; Leiva, V. Inventory management in food companies with statistically dependent demand 2016 Academia-Revista Latinoamericana De Administracion 29 450-485
Urbina, F.; Rica, S. Master equation approach to reversible and conservative discrete systems 2016 Physical Review E 94 9 pp
Morales, N.; del Rio, A.V.; Vazquez-Padin, J.R.; Mendez, R.; Campos, J.L.; Mosquera-Corral, A. The granular biomass properties and the acclimation period affect the partial nitritation/anammox process stability at a low temperature and ammonium concentration 2016 Process Biochemistry 51 2134-2142
Santos-Neto, M.; Cysneiros, F.J.A.; Leiva, V.; Barros, M. Reparameterized Birnbaum-Saunders regression models with varying precision 2016 Electronic Journal Of Statistics 10 2825-2855
Concha, P.K.; Durka, R.; Merino, N.; Rodriguez, E.K. New family of Maxwell like algebras 2016 Physics Letters B 759 507-512
Fra-Vazquez, A.; Morales, N.; Figueroa, M.; del Rio, A.V.; Regueiro, L.; Campos, J.L.; Mosquera-Corral, A. Bacterial community dynamics in long-term operation of a pilot plant using aerobic granular sludge to treat pig slurry 2016 Biotechnology Progress 32 1212-1221
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Ledger, T.; Rojas, S.; Timmermann, T.; Pinedo, I.; Poupin, M.J.; Garrido, T.; Richter, P.; Tamayo, J.; Donoso, R. Volatile-Mediated Effects Predominate in Paraburkholderia phytofirmans Growth Promotion and Salt Stress Tolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana 2016 Frontiers In Microbiology 7 18 pp
Tarifeno-Gajardo, M.; Beghelli, A.; Moreno, E. Availability-Driven Optimal Design of Shared Path Protection in WDM Networks 2016 Networks 68 224-237
Cardu, M.; Seccatore, J. Quantifying the difficulty of tunnelling by drilling and blasting 2016 Tunnelling And Underground Space Technology 60 178-182
Loyola, R.; Herrera, D.; Mas, A.; Wong, D.C.J.; Holl, J.; Cavallini, E.; Amato, A.; Azuma, A.; Ziegler, T.; Aquea, F.; Castellarin, S.D.; Bogs, J.; Tornielli, G.B.; Pena-Neira, A.; Czemmel, S.; Alcalde, J.A.; Matus, J.T.; Arce-Johnson, P. The photomorphogenic factors UV-B RECEPTOR 1, ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL 5, and HY5 HOMOLOGUE are part of the UV-B signalling pathway in grapevine and mediate flavonol accumulation in response to the environment 2016 Journal Of Experimental Botany 67 5429-5445
Perez, A.P.; Sauma, E.E.; Munoz, F.D.; Hobbs, B.F. The Economic Effects of Interregional Trading of Renewable Energy Certificates in the US WECC 2016 Energy Journal 37 267-295
Pineda, C.; Cortes, C.E.; Jara-Moroni, P.; Moreno, E. Integrated traffic-transit stochastic equilibrium model with park-and-ride facilitiesd 2016 Transportation Research Part C-Emerging Technologies 71 86-107