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Guzman, D.; Garcia, C.; Soliz, A.; Sepulveda, R.; Aguilar, C.; Rojas, P.; Iturriza, I.; Luno-Bilbao, C. Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Ti-Si Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Alloying and Heat Treatment 2018 Metals 8 417
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Valle, M.A.; Ruz, G.A.; Rica, S. Transactional Database Analysis by Discovering Pairwise Interactions Strengths 2018 2018 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) 2018
Coudert, D.; Luedtke, J.; Moreno, E.; Priftis, K. Computing and maximizing the exact reliability of wireless backhaul networks. 2018 Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 64 85-94
Montealegre-Barba, P.; Perez-Salazar, S.; Rapaport, I.; Todinca, I. Two Rounds Are Enough for Reconstructing Any Graph (Class) in the Congested Clique Model 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 11085
Henriquez, P.A.; Ruz, G.A. Twitter Sentiment Classification Based on Deep Random Vector Functional Link 2018 2018 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)
Ruz, G.A.; Goles, E.; Sene, S. Reconstruction of Boolean Regulatory Models of Flower Development Exploiting an Evolution Strategy 2018 2018 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC) 1-8
Goles, E.; Maldonado, D.; Montealegre-Barba, P.; Ollinger, N. Fast-Parallel Algorithms for Freezing Totalistic Asynchronous Cellular Automata 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 11115 406-415
Carrasco, R.A.; Pruhs, K.; Stein, C.; Verschae, J. The Online Set Aggregation Problem 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 10807 245-259
Caceres, E.; Carrasco, M.; Rios, S. Evaluation of an eye-pointer interaction device for human-computer interaction 2018 Heliyon 4 e00574
Canessa, E.; Chaigneau, S.; Barra, C. Developing and calibrating an ABM of the property listing task 2018 Proceedings de la 32nd European Council for Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2018 2018 13-19
Beghelli, A.; Prieto, P. Creativity under pressure: Using distant semantic fields for fast activation of divergent thinking in engineering students 2018 Proceedings of the DESIGN 2018 15th International Design Conference 5 2391-2402
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Reyes, D.; Atkinson, J. Person Re-identification Using Masked Keypoints 2018 Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 10868 45-56
Bustamante, M.; Rienzo, A.; Osorio, R.; Lefranc, E.; Duarte, M.; Herrera, E.; Lefranc, G. Algorithm for Processing Mammography: Detection of Microcalcifications 2018 Ieee Latin America Transactions 16 2460-2466
Mahajan, S.M.; Asenjo, F.A. General connected and reconnected fields in plasmas 2018 Physics Of Plasmas 25 7 pp
Ibarra, C.; O'Ryan, R.; Silva, B. Applying knowledge governance to understand the role of science in environmental regulation: The case of arsenic in Chile 2018 Environmental Science & Policy 86 115-124
Di Genova, A.; Ruz, G.A.; Sagot, M.F.; Maass, A. Fast-SG: an alignment-free algorithm for hybrid assembly 2018 Gigascience 7 15 pp
Dumett, M.A.; Cominetti, R. On The Stability Of An Adaptive Learning Dynamics In Traffic Games 2018 Journal Of Dynamics And Games 5 265-282