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Carrasco, M.; Alvarez, F.; Velazquez, R.; Concha, J.; Perez-Cotapos, F. Brush-Holder Integrated Load Sensor Prototype for SAG Grinding Mill Motor 2019 Electronics 8 14 pp details   doi
Carrasco, M.; Toledo, P.; Tischler, N.D. Macromolecule Particle Picking and Segmentation of a KLH Database by Unsupervised Cryo-EM Image Processing 2019 Biomolecules 9 14 pp details   doi
Carrera, P.; Campo, R.; Mendez, R.; Di Bella, G.; Campos, J.L.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Val del Rio, A. Does the feeding strategy enhance the aerobic granular sludge stability treating saline effluents? 2019 Chemosphere 226 865-873 details   pdf doi
Carrera, P.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Mendez, R.; Campos, J.L.; del Rio, A.V. Pulsed aeration enhances aerobic granular biomass properties 2019 Biochemical Engineering Journal 149 7 pp details   pdf doi
Castaneda, P.; Reus, L. Suboptimal investment behavior and welfare costs: A simulation based approach 2019 Finance Research Letters 30 170-180 details   pdf doi
Colini-Baldeschi, R.; Cominetti, R.; Scarsini, M. Price of Anarchy for Highly Congested Routing Games in Parallel Networks 2019 Theory Of Computing Systems 63 90-113 details   pdf doi
Cominetti, R.; Roshchina, V.; Williamson, A. A counterexample to De Pierro's conjecture on the convergence of under-relaxed cyclic projections 2019 Optimization 68 3-12 details   doi
Contreras, M.; Pena, J.P. The quantum dark side of the optimal control theory 2019 Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 515 450-473 details   pdf doi
de Kraker, J.; Kujawa-Roeleveld, K.; Villena, M.J.; Pabon-Pereira, C. Decentralized Valorization of Residual Flows as an Alternative to the Traditional Urban Waste Management System: The Case of Penalolen in Santiago de Chile 2019 Sustainability 11 26 pp details   pdf doi
del Rio, A.V.; Campos, J.L.; Da Silva, C.; Pedrouso, A.; Mosquera-Corral, A. Determination of the intrinsic kinetic parameters of ammonia-oxidizing and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in granular and flocculent sludge 2019 Separation And Purification Technology 213 571-577 details   pdf doi
During, G.; Josserand, C.; Krstulovic, G.; Rica, S. Strong turbulence for vibrating plates: Emergence of a Kolmogorov spectrum 2019 Physical Review Fluids 4 12 pp details   doi
Elorrieta, F.; Eyheramendy, S.; Palma, W. Discrete-time autoregressive model for unequally spaced time-series observations 2019 Astronomy & Astrophysics 627 11 pp details   pdf doi
Figueroa, A.; Atkinson, J. Dual-View Learning for Detecting Web Query Intents 2019 Computer 52 34-42 details   doi
Fuenzalida, C.; Jerez-Hanckes, C.; McClarren, R.G. Uncertainty Quantification For Multigroup Diffusion Equations Using Sparse Tensor Approximations 2019 Siam Journal On Scientific Computing 41 B545-B575 details   doi
Fullenkamp, K.; Montane, M.; Caceres, G.; Araya-Letelier, G. Review and selection of EPCM as TES materials for building applications 2019 International Journal Of Sustainable Energy 38 561-582 details   doi
Genco, F.; Genco, G. Nuclear desalination in Chile: a competitive solution 2019 Desalination And Water Treatment 140 24-34 details   doi
Girard, A.; Roberts, C.; Simon, F.; Ordonez, J. Solar electricity production and taxi electrical vehicle conversion in Chile 2019 Journal Of Cleaner Production 210 1261-1269 details   pdf doi
Godio, A.; Seccatore, J. Measuring the Reduction of the Confinement along the Evolution of a Burn Cut 2019 Applied Sciences-Basel 9 17 pp details   pdf doi
Hamant, O.; Inoue, D.; Bouchez, D.; Dumais, J.; Mjolsness, E. Are microtubules tension sensors? 2019 Nature Communications 10 12 pp details   doi
Harrison, R.; Lagunoff, R. Tipping points and business-as-usual in a global commons 2019 Journal Of Economic Behavior & Organization 163 386-408 details   doi
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