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Perrot, K.; Montalva-Medel, M.; de Oliveira, P.P.B.; Ruivo, E.L.P. Maximum sensitivity to update schedules of elementary cellular automata over periodic configurations 2020 Natural Computing 19 51-90 details   doi
Prieto, P.; Briede, J.C.; Beghelli, A.; Canessa, E.; Barra, C. I like it elegant: imprinting personalities into product shapes 2020 International Journal Of Design Creativity And Innovation 8 5-20 details   doi
Raux, P.S.; Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. Design of a unidirectional water valve in Tillandsia 2020 Nature Communications 11 7 pp details   doi
Reszka, P.; Cruz, J.J.; Valdivia, J.; Gonzalez, F.; Rivera, J.; Carvajal, C.; Fuentes, A. Ignition delay times of live and dead pinus radiata needles 2020 Fire Safety Journal 112 7 pp details   doi
Reus, L. Efficient selection of copper sales contracts for small- and medium-sized mining 2020 Managerial And Decision Economics 41 624-630 details   doi
Reus, L.; Fabozzi, F.J. Robust Solutions to the Life-Cycle Consumption Problem 2020 Computational Economics to appear details   doi
Reus, L.; Carrasco, J.A.; Pincheira, P. Do it with a smile: Forecasting volatility with currency options 2020 Finance Research Letters 34 10 pp details   doi
Rezakhah, M.; Moreno, E.; Newman, A. Practical performance of an open pit mine scheduling model considering blending and stockpiling 2020 Computers & Operations Research 115 12 pp details   pdf doi
Ritt, M.; Pereira, J. Heuristic and exact algorithms for minimum-weight non-spanning arborescences 2020 European Journal Of Operational Research 287 61-75 details   doi
Rivera Letelier, O.; Espinoza, D.; Goycoolea, M.; Moreno, E.; Munoz, G. Production scheduling for strategic open pit mine planning: A mixed integer programming approach 2020 Operations Research to appear details   doi
Romero-Romero, J.L.; Inostroza-Blancheteau, C.; Reyes-D?az, M.; Matte, J.P.; Aquea, F.; Espinoza, C.; Gil, P.M.; Arce-johnson, P. Increased Drought and Salinity Tolerance in Citrus aurantifolia (Mexican Lemon) Plants Overexpressing Arabidopsis CBF3 Gene 2020 Journal Of Soil Science And Plant Nutrition 20 244-252 details   doi
Ruivo, E.L.P.; de Oliveira, P.P.B.; Montalva-Medel, M.; Perrot, K. Maximum sensitivity to update schedules of elementary cellular automata over infinite configurations 2020 Information and Computation to appear details   openurl
Ruz, G.A.; Henriquez, P.A.; Mascareno, A. Sentiment analysis of Twitter data during critical events through Bayesian networks classifiers 2020 Future Generation Computer Systems-The International Journal Of Escience 106 92-104 details   doi
Sanchez, R.; Nieto-Jimenez, C. Uso de dispositivos digitales en el seguimiento de un Trail Runner. Estudio de caso (Use of digital devices to follow a Trail Runner. Case study) 2020 Retos 38 582-586 details   url
Sanchez, R.; Villena, M. Comparative evaluation of wearable devices for measuring elevation gain in mountain physical activities 2020 Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part P-Journal Of Sports Engineering And Technology to appear 8 pp details   doi
Soto, P.C.; Cartes, C.; Davies, T.P.; Olivari, J.; Rica, S.; Vogt-Geisse, K. The anatomy of the 2019 Chilean social unrest 2020 Chaos 30 14 pp details   doi
Soto, V.; Saez, E.; Magna-Verdugo, C. Numerical modeling of 3D site-city effects including partially embedded buildings using spectral element methods. Application to the case of Viña del Mar city, Chile. 2020 Engineering Structures 223 111188 details   pdf doi
Timmermann, T.; Gonzalez, B.; Ruz, G.A. Reconstruction of a gene regulatory network of the induced systemic resistance defense response in Arabidopsis using boolean networks 2020 Bmc Bioinformatics 21 16 pp details   doi
Travisany, D.; Goles, E.; Latorre, M.; Cort?s, M.P.; Maass, A. Generation and robustness of Boolean networks to model Clostridium difficile infection 2020 Natural Computing 19 111-134 details   doi
Ugalde, D.; Lopez-Garcia, D.; Parra, P.F. Fragility-based analysis of the influence of effective stiffness of reinforced concrete members in shear wall buildings 2020 Bulletin Of Earthquake Engineering 18 2061-2082 details   doi
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