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Fernandez, M.; Munoz, F.D.; Moreno, R. Analysis of imperfect competition in natural gas supply contracts for electric power generation: A closed-loop approach 2020 Energy Economics 87 15 pp details   doi
Fierro, I.; Jerez-Hanckes, C. Fast Calderon preconditioning for Helmholtz boundary integral equations 2020 Journal Of Computational Physics 409 22 pp details   doi
Garmendia, M.L.; Mondschein, S.; Montiel, B.; Kusanovic, J.P. Trend and predictors of gestational diabetes mellitus in Chile 2020 International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 148 210-218 details   doi
Gill, S.; Wheatley, P.J.; Cooke, B.F.; Jordan, A.; Nielsen, L.D.; Bayliss, D.; Anderson, D.R.; Vines, J.I.; Lendl, M.; Acton, J.S.; Armstrong, D.J.; Bouchy, F.; Brahm, R.; Bryant, E.M.; Burleigh, M.R.; Casewell, S.L.; Eigmuller, P.; Espinoza, N.; Gillen, E.; Goad, M.R.; Grieves, N.; Gunther, M.N.; Henning, T.; Hobson, M.J.; Hogan, A.; Jenkins, J.S.; McCormac, J.; Moyano, M.; Osborn, H.P.; Pollacco, D.; Queloz, D.; Rauer, H.; Raynard, L.; Rojas, F.; Sarkis, P.; Smith, A.M.S.; Pinto, M.T.; Tilbrook, R.H.; Udry, S.; Watson, C.A.; West, R.G. NGTS-11 b (TOI-1847 b): A Transiting Warm Saturn Recovered from a TESS Single-transit Event 2020 Astrophysical Journal Letters 898 6 pp details   doi
Goles, E.; Montealegre, P. The complexity of the asynchronous prediction of the majority automata 2020 Information and Computation to appear details   doi
Goles, E.; Lobos, F.; Ruz, G.A.; Sene, S. Attractor landscapes in Boolean networks with firing memory: a theoretical study applied to genetic networks 2020 Natural Computing to appear 25 pp details   doi
Goles, E.; Montealegre, P.; Rios-Wilson, M. On The Effects Of Firing Memory In The Dynamics Of Conjunctive Networks 2020 Discrete And Continuous Dynamical Systems 40 5765-5793 details   doi
Goles, E.; Tsompanas, M.A.; Adamatzky, A.; Tegelaar, M.; Wosten, H.A.B.; Martinez, G.J. Computational universality of fungal sandpile automata 2020 Physics Letters A 384 8 pp details   doi
Golovach, P.A.; Heggernes, P.; Lima, P.T.; Montealegre, P. Finding connected secluded subgraphs 2020 Journal Of Computer And System Sciences 113 101-124 details   doi
Gonzalez, E.; Villena, M.J. On the spatial dynamics of vaccination: A spatial SIRS-V model 2020 Computers & Mathematics With Applications 80 733-743 details   doi
Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. A multi-scale model for fluid transport through a bio-inspired passive valve 2020 Journal Of Chemical Physics 152 10 pp details   doi
Guevara, E.; Babonneau, F.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Moret, S. A machine learning and distributionally robust optimization framework for strategic energy planning under uncertainty 2020 Applied Energy 271 18 pp details   doi
Guzman, R.; Harrison, R.; Abarca, N.; Villena, M.G. A game-theoretic model of reciprocity and trust that incorporates personality traits 2020 Journal Of Behavioral And Experimental Economics 84 11 pp details   pdf doi
Hartman, J.D.; Jordan, A.; Bayliss, D.; Bakos, G.A.; Bento, J.; Bhatti, W.; Brahm, R.; Csubry, Z.; Espinoza, N.; Henning, T.; Mancini, L.; Penev, K.; Rabus, M.; Sarkis, P.; Suc, V.; de Val-Borro, M.; Zhou, G.; Crane, J.D.; Shectman, S.; Teske, J.K.; Wang, S.X.; Butler, R.P.; Lazar, J.; Papp, I.; Sari, P.; Anderson, D.R.; Hellier, C.; West, R.G.; Barkaoui, K.; Pozuelos, F.J.; Jehin, E.; Gillon, M.; Nielsen, L.; Lendl, M.; Udry, S.; Ricker, G.R.; Vanderspek, R.; Latham, D.W.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.N.; Christiansen, J.; Crossfield, I.J.M.; Henze, C.E.; Jenkins, J.M.; Smith, J.C.; Ting, E.B. HATS-47b, HATS-48Ab, HATS-49b, and HATS-72b: Four Warm Giant Planets Transiting K Dwarfs 2020 Astronomical Journal 159 23 pp details   doi
Hiptmair, R.; Jerez-Hanckes, C.; Urzúa-Torres, C. Optimal Operator Preconditioning For Galerkin Boundary Element Methods On 3D Screens 2020 SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 58 834-857 details   doi
Hochart, A. Unique Ergodicity of Deterministic Zero-Sum Differential Games 2020 Dynamic Games And Applications to appear 28 pp details   doi
Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Classical and Quantum Dispersion Relations 2020 Physica Scripta 95 7 pp details   doi
Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Dual wavefunctions in two-dimensional quantum mechanics 2020 Physics Letters A 384 5 pp details   doi
Jerez-Hanckes, C.; Pinto, J. High-order Galerkin method for Helmholtz and Laplace problems on multiple open arcs 2020 Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis to appear details   doi
Jerez-Hanckes, C.; Pettersson, I.; Rybalko, V. Derivation Of Cable Equation By Multiscale Analysis For A Model Of Myelinated Axons 2020 Discrete And Continuous Dynamical Systems-Series B 25 815-839 details   pdf doi
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