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Barrera, J.; Moreno, E.; Varas, S. A decomposition algorithm for computing income taxes with pass-through entities and its application to the Chilean case 2020 Annals Of Operations Research 286 545-557 details   doi
Akian, M.; Gaubert, S.; Hochart, A. A Game Theory Approach To The Existence And Uniqueness Of Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius Eigenvectors 2020 Discrete And Continuous Dynamical Systems 40 207-231 details   doi
Guzman, R.; Harrison, R.; Abarca, N.; Villena, M.G. A game-theoretic model of reciprocity and trust that incorporates personality traits 2020 Journal Of Behavioral And Experimental Economics 84 11 pp details   pdf doi
Astudillo-Defru, N.; Cloutier, R.; Wang, S.X.; Teske, J.; Brahm, R.; Hellier, C.; Ricker, G.; Vanderspek, R.; Latham, D.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.N.; Jenkins, J.M.; Collins, K.A.; Stassun, K.G.; Ziegler, C.; Almenara, J.M.; Anderson, D.R.; Artigau, E.; Bonfils, X.; Bouchy, F.; Briceno, C.; Butler, R.P.; Charbonneau, D.; Conti, D.M.; Crane, J.; Crossfield, I.J.M.; Davies, M.; Delfosse, X.; Diaz, R.F.; Doyon, R.; Dragomir, D.; Eastman, J.D.; Espinoza, N.; Essack, Z.; Feng, F.; Figueira, P.; Forveille, T.; Gan, T.; Glidden, A.; Guerrero, N.; Hart, R.; Henning, T.; Horch, E.P.; Isopi, G.; Jenkins, J.S.; Jordan, A.; Kielkopf, J.F.; Law, N.; Lovis, C.; Mallia, F.; Mann, A.W.; de Medeiros, J.R.; Melo, C.; Mennickent, R.E.; Mignon, L.; Murgas, F.; Nusdeo, D.A.; Pepe, F.; Relles, H.M.; Rose, M.; Santos, N.C.; Segransan, D.; Shectman, S.; Shporer, A.; Smith, J.C.; Torres, P.; Udry, S.; Villasenor, J.; Winters, J.G.; Zhou, G. A hot terrestrial planet orbiting the bright M dwarf L 168-9 unveiled by TESS 2020 Astronomy & Astrophysics 636 13 pp details   doi
Moreno, S.; Pereira, J.; Yushimito, W. A hybrid K-means and integer programming method for commercial territory design: a case study in meat distribution 2020 Annals Of Operations Research 286 87-117 details   doi
Guevara, E.; Babonneau, F.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Moret, S. A machine learning and distributionally robust optimization framework for strategic energy planning under uncertainty 2020 Applied Energy 271 18 pp details   doi
Gravelle, S.; Dumais, J. A multi-scale model for fluid transport through a bio-inspired passive valve 2020 Journal Of Chemical Physics 152 10 pp details   doi
Arbelaez, H.; Bravo, V.; Hernandez, R.; Sierra, W.; Venegas, O. A new approach for the univalence of certain integral of harmonic mappings 2020 Indagationes Mathematicae-New Series 31 525-535 details   doi
Contreras, J.P.; Bosch, P.; Varas, M.; Basso, F. A New Genetic Algorithm Encoding for Coalition Structure Generation Problems 2020 Mathematical Problems In Engineering 2020 13 pp details   doi
Lardone, M.C.; Busch, A.S.; Santos, J.L.; Miranda, P.; Eyheramendy, S.; Pereira, A.; Juul, A.; Almstrup, K.; Mericq, V. A Polygenic Risk Score Suggests Shared Genetic Architecture of Voice Break With Early Markers of Pubertal Onset in Boys 2020 Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 105 E349-E357 details   doi
Weaver, I.C.; Lopez-Morales, M.; Espinoza, N.; Rackham, B.V.; Osip, D.J.; Apai, D.; Jordan, A.; Bixel, A.; Lewis, N.K.; Alam, M.K.; Kirk, J.; McGruder, C.; Rodler, F.; Fienco, J. ACCESS: A Visual to Near-infrared Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-43b with Evidence of H2O, but No Evidence of Na or K 2020 Astronomical Journal 159 21 pp details   doi
Fernandez, M.; Munoz, F.D.; Moreno, R. Analysis of imperfect competition in natural gas supply contracts for electric power generation: A closed-loop approach 2020 Energy Economics 87 15 pp details   doi
Argiz, L.; Reyes, C.; Belmonte, M.; Franchi, O.; Campo, R.; Fra-Vazquez, A.; del Rio, A.V.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; Campos, J.L. Assessment of a fast method to predict the biochemical methane potential based on biodegradable COD obtained by fractionation respirometric tests 2020 Journal Of Environmental Management 269 9 pp details   doi
Goles, E.; Lobos, F.; Ruz, G.A.; Sene, S. Attractor landscapes in Boolean networks with firing memory: a theoretical study applied to genetic networks 2020 Natural Computing to appear 25 pp details   doi
Calderon, F.I.; Lozada, A.; Borquez-Paredes, D.; Olivares, R.; Davalos, E.J.; Saavedra, G.; Jara, N.; Leiva, A. BER-Adaptive RMLSA Algorithm for Wide-Area Flexible Optical Networks 2020 Ieee Access 8 128018-128031 details   doi
Bunster, C.; Gomberoff, A.; Perez, A. Bondi-Metzner-Sachs invariance and electric-magnetic duality 2020 Physical Review D 101 15 pp details   doi
Verdugo, I.; Cruz, J.J.; Alvarez, E.; Reszka, P.; da Silva, L.F.F.; Fuentes, A. Candle flame soot sizing by planar time-resolved laser-induced incandescence 2020 Scientific Reports 10 12 pp details   doi
Hojman, S.A.; Asenjo, F.A. Classical and Quantum Dispersion Relations 2020 Physica Scripta 95 7 pp details   doi
Sanchez, R.; Villena, M. Comparative evaluation of wearable devices for measuring elevation gain in mountain physical activities 2020 Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part P-Journal Of Sports Engineering And Technology to appear 8 pp details   doi
Bottcher, L.; Montealegre, P.; Goles, E.; Gersbach, H. Competing activists-Political polarization 2020 Physica A-Statistical Mechanics And Its Applications 545 13 pp details   doi
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