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Agostini, C.A.; Armijo, F.A.; Silva, C.; Nasirov, S. The role of frequency regulation remuneration schemes in an energy matrix with high penetration of renewable energy 2021 Renewable Energy 171 1097-1114 details   doi
Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Chace, S.; Pereira, J. Assembly line balancing with parallel workstations 2021 International Journal Of Production Research Early Access 21 pp details   doi
Antico, F.C.; Rojas, P.; Briones, F.; Araya-Letelier, G. Animal fibers as water reservoirs for internal curing of mortars and their limits caused by fiber clustering 2021 Construction And Building Materials 267 120918 details   doi
Araneda, AA.; Villena, MJ. Computing the CEV option pricing formula using the semiclassical approximation of path integral 2021 Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 388 113244 details   doi
Araya-Letelier, G.; Antico, F.C.; Burbano-Garcia, C.; Concha-Riedeld, J.; Norambuena-Contreras, J.; Concha, J.; Saavedra Flores, E.I. Experimental evaluation of adobe mixtures reinforced with jute fibers 2021 Construction and Building Materials 276 122127 details   doi
Arbelaez, H.; Bravo, V.; Hernandez, R.; Sierra, W.; Venegas, O. Integral transforms for logharmonic mappings 2021 Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2021 48 details   doi
Arevalo-Ramirez, TA.; Castillo, AHF.; Cabello, PSR.; Cheein, FAA. Single bands leaf reflectance prediction based on fuel moisture content for forestry applications 2021 Biosystems Engineering 202 79-95 details   doi
Asenjo, FA.; Hojman, SA. Nondiffracting gravitational waves 2021 European Physical Journal C 81 98 details   doi
Averbakh, I.; Pereira, J Tree optimization based heuristics and metaheuristics in network construction problems 2021 Computers & Operations Research 128 105190 details   doi
Aylwin, R.; Jerez-Hanckes, C. The effect of quadrature rules on finite element solutions of Maxwell variational problems Consistency estimates on meshes with straight and curved elements 2021 Numerische Mathematik 147 903-936 details   doi
Baier, R.V.; Raggio, J.I.C.; Arancibia, C.T.; Bustamante, M.; Perez, L.; Burda, I.; Aiyangar, A.; Vivanco, J.F. Structure-function assessment of 3D-printed porous scaffolds by a low-cost/ open source fused filament fabrication printer 2021 Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials For Biological Applications 123 111945 details   doi
Barrera, J.; Beaupuits, P.; Moreno, E.; Moreno, R.; Munoz, F.D. Planning resilient networks against natural hazards: Understanding the importance of correlated failures and the value of flexible transmission assets 2021 Electric Power System Research 197 details   pdf doi
Barroso, L.; Munoz, FD.; Bezerra, B.; Rudnick, H.; Cunha, G. Zero-Marginal-Cost Electricity Market Designs: Lessons Learned From Hydro Systems in Latin America Might Be Applicable for Decarbonization 2021 IEEE Power & Energy Magazine 19 64-73 details   doi
Bernales, A; Reus, L.; Valdenegro, V. Speculative bubbles under supply constraints, background risk and investment fraud in the art market 2021 Journal of Corporate Finance to appear details   doi
Bertossi, L. Specifying and computing causes for query answers in databases via database repairs and repair-programs 2021 Knowledge And Information Systems Early Access 33 pp details   doi
Caceres, C.; Moczko, E.; Basozabal, I.; Guerreiro, A.; Piletsky, S. Molecularly Imprinted Nanoparticles (NanoMIPs) Selective for Proteins: Optimization of a Protocol for Solid-Phase Synthesis Using Automatic Chemical Reactor 2021 Polymers 13 314 details   doi
Canessa, E.; Chaigneau, S.E.; Lagos, R.; Medina, F.A. How to carry out conceptual properties norming studies as parameter estimation studies: Lessons from ecology 2021 Behavior Research Methods Early Access 17 pp details   doi
Canessa, G.; Moreno, E.; Pagnoncelli, B.K. The risk-averse ultimate pit problem 2021 Optimization And Engineering Early access 24 pp details   doi
Cardu, M.; Godio, A.; Oggeri, C.; Seccatore, J. The influence of rock mass fracturing on splitting and contour blasts 2021 Geomechanics and Geoengineering-An International Journal Early Access details   doi
Carone, L.; Molliere, P.; Zhou, YF.; Bouwman, J.; Yan, F.; Baeyens, R.; Apai, D.; Espinoza, N.; Rackham, BV.; Jordan, A.; Angerhausen, D.; Decin, L.; Lendl, M.; Venot, O.; Henning, T. Indications for very high metallicity and absence of methane in the eccentric exo-Saturn WASP-117b 2021 Astronomy & Astrophysics 646 A168 details   doi
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