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Alvarez-Miranda, E.; Chace, S.; Pereira, J. Assembly line balancing with parallel workstations 2021 International Journal Of Production Research Early Access 21 pp
Antico, F.C.; Rojas, P.; Briones, F.; Araya-Letelier, G. Animal fibers as water reservoirs for internal curing of mortars and their limits caused by fiber clustering 2021 Construction And Building Materials 267 120918
Araya-Letelier, G.; Antico, F.C.; Burbano-Garcia, C.; Concha-Riedeld, J.; Norambuena-Contreras, J.; Concha, J.; Saavedra Flores, E.I. Experimental evaluation of adobe mixtures reinforced with jute fibers 2021 Construction and Building Materials 276 122127
Bernales, A; Reus, L.; Valdenegro, V. Speculative bubbles under supply constraints, background risk and investment fraud in the art market 2021 Journal of Corporate Finance to appear
Bertossi, L. Specifying and computing causes for query answers in databases via database repairs and repair-programs 2021 Knowledge And Information Systems Early Access 33 pp
Canessa, E.; Chaigneau, S.E.; Lagos, R.; Medina, F.A. How to carry out conceptual properties norming studies as parameter estimation studies: Lessons from ecology 2021 Behavior Research Methods Early Access 17 pp
Canessa, G.; Moreno, E.; Pagnoncelli, B.K. The risk-averse ultimate pit problem 2021 Optimization And Engineering Early access 24 pp
Castaneda, A.; Gonzalez, P.; Robledo, G. Topological Equivalence of nonautonomous difference equations with a family of dichotomies on the half line 2021 Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis to appear
Efraimidis, I.; Ferrada-Salas, A.; Hernandez, R.; Vargas, R. Schwarzian derivatives for pluriharmonic mappings 2021 Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 495 124716
Harrison, R.; Jara-Moroni, P. Global Games With Strategic Substitutes 2021 International Economic Review Early Access 33 pp
Hochart, A. Unique Ergodicity of Deterministic Zero-Sum Differential Games 2021 Dynamic Games And Applications Early Access 28 pp
Jerez-Hanckes, C.; Martínez, IA.; Pettersson, I.; Volodymyr, R. Multiscale Analysis of Myelinated Axons 2021 SEMA SIMAI Springer Series 10 17-35
Lagos, T.; Armstrong, M.; Homem-de-Mello, T.; Lagos, G.; Saure, D. A framework for adaptive open-pit mining planning under geological uncertainty 2021 Optimization And Engineering Early Access 36 pp
Lespay, H.; Suchan, K. A case study of consistent vehicle routing problem with time windows 2021 International Transactions In Operational Research Early Access 29 pp
Mondschein, S.; Yankovic, N.; Matus, O. The Challenges of Administering a New Treatment: The Case of Direct -Acting Antivirals for Hepatitis C Virus 2021 Public Health to appear
Mosser, M., Pieressa, F., Reutter, JL., Soto, A., Vrgoc; , D. Querying APIs with SPARQL 2021 Information Systems to appear
Munoz, FD.; Suazo-Martinez, C.; Pereira, E.; Moreno, R. Electricity market design for low-carbon and flexible systems: Room for improvement in Chile 2021 Energy Policy 148 111997
Pavissich, J.P.; Li, M.; Nerenberg, R. Spatial distribution of mechanical properties in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms, and their potential impacts on biofilm deformation 2021 Biotechnology and Bioengineering to appear
Pichel, A.; Fra, A.; Morales, N.; Campos, JL.; Mendez, R.; Mosquera-Corral, A.; del Rio, AV. Is the ammonia stripping pre-treatment suitable for the nitrogen removal via partial nitritation-anammox of OFMSW digestate? 2021 JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 403 123458
Poirrier, M., Moreno, S., Huerta-Canepa, G. Robust h-index 2021 Scientometrics to appear