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Eyheramendy, S.; Saa, P.A.; Undurraga, E.A.; Valencia, C.; Lopez, C.; Mendez, L.; Pizarro-Berdichevsky, J.; Finkelstein-Kulka, A.; Solari, S.; Salas, N.; Bahamondes, P.; Ugarte, M.; Barcelo, P.; Arenas, M.; Agosin, E. Screening of COVID-19 cases through a Bayesian network symptoms model and psychophysical olfactory test 2021 iScience 24 103419 details   doi
Cabrera, F.; Torres-Aravena, A.; Pinto-Ibieta, F.; Campos, J.L.; Jeison, D. On-Line Control of Feast/Famine Cycles to Improve PHB Accumulation during Cultivation of Mixed Microbial Cultures in Sequential Batch Reactors 2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18 12611 details   doi
Lagos, N.A.; Benitez, S.; Grenier, C.; Rodriguez-Navarro, A.B.; Garcia-Herrera, C.; Abarca-Ortega, A.; Vivanco, J.F.; Benjumeda, I.; Vargas, C.A.; Duarte, C.; Lardies, M.A. Plasticity in organic composition maintains biomechanical performance in shells of juvenile scallops exposed to altered temperature and pH conditions 2021 Scientific Reports 11 24201 details   doi
Livshits, E.; Bertossi, L.; Kimelfeld, B.; Sebag, M. Query Games in Databases 2021 Sigmod Record 50 78-85 details   openurl
Goles, E.; Slapnicar, I.; Lardies, M.A. Universal Evolutionary Model for Periodical Species 2021 Complexity 2021 2976351 details   doi
Asenjo, F.A.; Hojman, S.A. Reply to Comment on 'Do electromagnetic waves always propagate along null geodesics?' Reply 2021 Classical And Quantum Gravity 38 238002 details   doi
Trifonov, T.; Brahm, R.; Espinoza, N.; Henning, T.; Jordan, A.; Nesvorny, D.; Dawson, R.I.; Lissauer, J.J.; Lee, M.H.; Kossakowski, D.; Rojas, F.I.; Hobson, M.J.; Sarkis, P.; Schlecker, M.; Bitsch, B.; Bakos, G.A.; Barbieri, M.; Bhatti, W.; Butler, R.P.; Crane, J.D.; Nandakumar, S.; Diaz, M.R.; Shectman, S.; Teske, J.; Torres, P.; Suc, V.; Vines, J.I.; Wang, S.R.X.; Ricker, G.R.; Shporer, A.; Vanderburg, A.; Dragomir, D.; Vanderspek, R.; Burke, C.J.; Daylan, T.; Shiao, B.; Jenkins, J.M.; Wohler, B.; Seager, S.; Winn, J.N. A Pair of Warm Giant Planets near the 2:1 Mean Motion Resonance around the K-dwarf Star TOI-2202* 2021 Astronomical Journal 162 283 details   doi
Baudin, K.; Fusaro, A.; Garnier, J.; Berti, N.; Krupa, K.; Carusotto, I:, Rica, S.; Millot, G.; Picozzi, A. Energy and wave-action flows underlying Rayleigh-Jeans thermalization of optical waves propagating in a multimode fiber((a)) 2021 EPL 134 14001 details   doi
Carrasco, M.; Araya-Letelier, G.; Velazquez, R.; Visconti, P. Image-Based Automated Width Measurement of Surface Cracking 2021 Sensors 21 7534 details   doi
Park, Y.; Fuentes-Hernandez, C.; Kim, K.; Chou, W.F.; Larrain, F.A.; Graham, S.; Pierron, O.N.; Kippelen, B. Skin-like low-noise elastomeric organic photodiodes 2021 Sciences Advances 7 eabj6565 details   doi
de Fazio, R.; Giannoccaro, N.I.; Carrasco, M.; Velazquez, R.; Visconti, P. Wearable devices and IoT applications for symptom detection, infection tracking, and diffusion containment of the COVID-19 pandemic: a survey 2021 Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering 22 1413-1442 details   doi
Soto-Eguibar, F.; Asenjo, F.A.; Hojman, S.A.; Moya-Cessa, H.M. Bohm potential for the time dependent harmonic oscillator 2021 Journal of Mathematical Physics 62 122103 details   doi
Concha-Riedel, J.; Antico, F.C.; Lopez-Querol, S. Mechanical strength, mass loss and volumetric changes of drying adobe matrices combined with kaolin and fine soil particles 2021 Construction And Building Materials 312 125246 details   doi
Carrasco-Davis, R.; Reyes, E.; Valenzuela, C.; Forster, F.; Estevez, P.A.; Pignata, G.; Bauer, F.E.; Reyes, I.; Sanchez-Saez, P.; Cabrera-Vives, G.; Eyheramendy, S.; Catelan, M.; Arredondo, J.; Castillo-Navarrete, E.; Rodriguez-Mancini, D.; Ruz-Mieres, D.; Moya, A.; Sabatini-Gacitua, L:, Sepulveda-Cobo, C.; Mahabal, A.A.; Silva-Farfan, J.; Camacho-Iniguez, E.; Galbany, L. Alert Classification for the ALeRCE Broker System: The Real-time Stamp Classifier 2021 Astronomical Journal 162 231 details   doi
Helminiak, K.G.; Moharana, A.; Pawar, T.; Ukita, N.; Sybilski, P.; Espinoza, N.; Kambe, E.; Ratajczak, M.; Jordan, A.; Maehara, H.; Brahm, R.; Kozlowski, S.K.; Konacki, M. Orbital and physical parameters of eclipsing binaries from the ASAS catalogue – XII. A sample of systems with K2 photometry 2021 Monthly Notices Of The Royal Astronomical Society 508 5687-5708 details   doi
Kalyaan, A.; Pinilla, P.; Krijt, S.; Mulders, G.D.; Banzatti, A. Linking Outer Disk Pebble Dynamics and Gaps to Inner Disk Water Enrichment 2021 Astrophysical Journal 921 84 details   doi
Sandoval-Rivas, D.; Moczko, E.; Morales, D.V.. Evaluation and characterization of a new method of extracting bark wax from Pinus radiata D. Don 2021 Industrial Crops and Products 174 114161 details   doi
Cordova, S.; Canizares, C.; Lorca, A.; Olivares, D.E. An Energy Management System With Short-Term Fluctuation Reserves and Battery Degradation for Isolated Microgrids 2021 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 12 4668-4680 details   doi
Pasten, C.; Campos, F.; Ochoa-Cornejo, F.; Ruiz, S.; Valdebenito, G.; Alvarado, D.; Leyton, F.; Moffat, R. The Role of Site Conditions on the Structural Damage in the City of Valdivia during the 22 May 1960 Mw 9.5 Megathrust Chile Earthquake 2021 Seismological Research Letters 92 3437-3451 details   doi
Becker, F.; Montealegre, P.; Rapaport, I.; Todinca, I. The role of randomness in the broadcast congested clique model 2021 Information and Computation 281 104669 details   doi
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